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  1. Great to know. I had been pretty clear but always seemed to get one or two bad spots and I finally traced it to Cetaphil, so hopefully the switch works as well for me as it did for you. Anybody else have thoughts or experience with CeraVe?
  2. I have recently switched to CeraVe lotion from Cetaphil as I simply couldn't take the wet/shiny look that it left me with. I wanted to hear from people who have used CeraVe for more then a couple days/weeks to see how it has worked for them. I read the reviews, and most were very positive, but they seemed to come from people who had only used the lotion for a few days. What are your thoughts/opinions on the lotion and how has it worked out for you?
  3. Does anybody use only Jojoba Oil as their face lotion/moisturizer. I mean using just the oil, nothing else, after you apply your BP or whatever you use.
  4. I had the same problem with all dairy and finally just cut it out completely. I also played collegiate lacrosse so I had to maintain weight training and everything, meaning tons of protein. As far as shakes, I use a shake called Isoflex, it is a whey protein isolate, but is lactose free and gluten free. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of protein, and is best both for weight training, but also for avoiding the side effects of dairy. I have been using it for years and I have had no probl
  5. Maybe it's not a problem that's going to be solved by meds then? I had the same problems as you and finally after struggling to find the problem I changed my diet. Moved to whole foods, lots of meat and veggies, no dairy, no processed grains, and no vegetable oils, and it made has been a blessing. You might give it a shot, it may help your skin tremendously, and even if it doesn't, your body will thank you for it!
  6. After seeing all the positive reviews for the PureDeming Intense gel I have picked some up. Do people who have used it have any suggestions for use, especially in assocaition with BP? I was thinking about putting the gel on for an hour at night, then showering, and then applying my BP, does that sound reasonable? Also, I have purchased the toner by PureDeming, which contains ACV, Tea Tree Oil, and Makuna Honey (or however it's spelled). Has anybody used it before? Thoughts? Reviews? Any help w
  7. Just started making these and I love them. I was wondering if you could list other fruits, veggies, and other foods that are great for your skin. I've heard that ginger is awesome and was wondering if there was anything else along these lines that I could throw in. Thanks!
  8. What do all of you use as a substitute for wheat bread? Can you eat any bread? Also along with wheat bread what are other products that contain a lot of wheat the should be eliminated? I think I might have problems with wheat so any advice would be great.
  9. It is true that acne takes 30-90 days to form, and it is also true that when starting BP use it basically goes in and cleans out all of your pores, which results in acne. Because of this, it is important to realize that there will be some acne for the first 3 months that you are on the regimen, but sticking with it and being patient will lead you to the clearest skin you have ever had. Just make sure you moisturize properly, because severe dryness can reverse progress and cause breakouts. STIC
  10. I am now in my 7th week and am still seeing purging, which is pretty annoying, but I guess I just need to realize that it is part of the process. My current regimen is: Morning: Eucering Redness Relief Cleanser Duac Gel (5% BP) Cetaphil Lotion Night: Eucering Redness Relief Cleanser AHA Toner Duac Gel (5% BP) Cetaphil Lotion I definitely think I slowed the process by not using a good enough moisturizer, so hopefully I will make better progress in the coming weeks. Also, I am definitely starti
  11. I have also used BP for years with no problems. Additionally, ramped up oil production is not permanent, and I know this from personal experience. It is almost always a problem caused by a lack of using moisturizer. I stopped the regimen for about 3 months, and used a normal moisturizer, and my skin adapted and returned back to normal levels of oil production.
  12. This adamrodriguez kid needs to get out of here, this site revolves around BP treatment, and for most it has brought tremendous results. You shouldn't use this site as a place for your personal crusade against BP, start your own if that's what you want to do. I have had tremendous success with BP, no scaring, and minimal problems with dryness. The regimen works, it just takes time and confidence, which is sometimes shaken by irrational claims by people such as adamrodriguez.
  13. I agree with the above post, I am in the 7th week and am still experiencing purging. I know that it isn't fun, but just think that your skin is getting cleaned from the inside out and its just part of the process. Most dermatologists say that acne can take 30-90 days to form, so it should take at least that amount of time to get to somewhat clear skin. Stick with it!
  14. Use Cetaphil, severe dryness can slow the regimen and delay healthy skin
  15. I incorporate Ezekiel into my diet almost daily. I use their tortillas for lean turkey tacos, and their breads (mostly the sesame and the low-glycemic index loaf) for anything else like sandwiches or burgers. Using bread for burgers is great because it is drastically lower in carbs than buns and is far better quality. I have not had any problems with gas or indigestion while eating Ezekiel and I can get mine easily at Trader Joes. If your TJ's doesn't have it, they always let customers suggest