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  1. thanks for reply what about infini rf.
  2. if money not a issue ,top 4 docs in best to worse order for full face subcision filler.
  3. who knows where in canada energet is offered. thanks
  4. mr matt jsut wondering how long the bandages stayed on. im thinking of going to your dr but im 12 hrs away from home, in your opinion how long would i have to stay in columbia before i could head home. if there was no complications in the first couple a days.... thanks
  5. can someone tell me if fraxel c02 is restore or repair thanks
  6. the derm in my town has fraxel co2, can anybody tell me is this repair or restore thnks
  7. thankyou dudley will look for a machine in canada near me
  8. dudley im 50 and male any chance repair will work for me
  9. dr lam seems like a caring and well respected dr. but people who have went to him and had tca or silicone , said they seemed rushed. just a thought but he might be wanting to do more rounds of silicone , to make more money , where dr channing does the same work in 1 or 2 rounds. i dont know if here before and after are doctored., but they do look 1000 percent better than dr lams. has anybody went to dr channing and received the results anywhere near the photos.
  10. www.thefirstglance.com
  11. anybody heard of a pixel laser, is this the same as fraxel
  12. anybody know something about derma liveor dermadeep