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  1. Started 15mg Remeron last week. Slepts 10-11 hours each night. After the 3rd night I fell asleep AGAIN after lunch from 1-5PM. Reeeally makes me sleepy/sedated. For the 4th and 5th nights, I cut it in half and took 7.5mg. Basically felt nothing. I've read that upping to 30mg actually ridded some people of side effects. But they also suspect doing so might reduce the anti-flushing effects. I'm gonna stick it out and resume taking 15mg or 30mg. Perhaps after continued usage the sleep
  2. I haven't taken Propranolol, but for Labetalol and Metoprolol (other beta blockers) I took 100mg doses and they seemed to kick in pretty quickly. I have read that 1 hour before is a good guideline, which sounds about right. Personally, I felt like a "hangover" even the next day so it's hard to say when the effects wore off. Not sure if the side effects I experienced would dissipate if I took them more regularly. Other more expert posters will chime in later.
  3. Hey, I'm curious how everyone's flushing compares to mine. I posted a pic on page 45 of the thread. It was the last post of the page. I'm just curious...don't worry about offending me. WHat I posted was a pic during a flushing episode in a warm room with stress. It lasted over an hour at least. But I do not get episodes like that everyday.
  4. Thanks for taking a stab at it. So Gamma linoliec is Omega 6. Therefore Omega 6 is ok but not Omega 3? I have hear some recommendations about Borage Oil. I'll probably give it a try one of these days.
  5. Oh Lamar, Why no Omega 3?? ur breakin my heart...i was hoping it would help get some oil in my dry skin. i've also read it is anti-inflammatory so ud think might helpw ith flushing. every derm i've talked to says theres nothing internal for dry skin..all u can do is moisturize. i do think reducing the flushing helps keep ur skin moist though. whenever i flush, my skin feels drier.
  6. Oli & Lamar, i take both doses (all 400mg) in the morning and now I am fine. Lamar, Yes, I think Propranolol is the best bet. do the side effects (headache, dizziness) get less intense over time? I took 15 mg of Remeron last night. It REALLY REALLY tires you out/makes u sleepy, but it doesn't make u feel sick/bad (like, say, Beta Blockers). what's the difference between flushing and blushing? i found this explanation re: beta blockers: "Hmmm...seems odd that a peripheral vasodia
  7. Who uses beta blockers? I tried 150mg of Labetalol last night before going to the gym. It did help reduce my heat/exercise-induced blushing by like 25-30%. However, today (the day after) I feel like my face looked a bit more pink than usual! Could this be some sort of rebound blushing/flushing?
  8. Ugg, so I was taking 400mg of Plaquenil (200mg twice a day), but I cut it down to 200mg once a day because I was getting stomach cramps at night. I feel like my flushing is starting to increase in correlation to the lowered dose. for those on plaquenil, what dose is everyone taking? I'm thinking maybe I can go back to 400mg, but taking it once a day in the morning. Hopefully that avoids the stomach cramps at night. I will ask my doctor next time i see him if that's ok. It's funny that the
  9. I took Accutane 6 years ago and my face is still dry. The dryness is irritating and itchy. I am hoping to find a cocktail of supplements that will help combat the dryness. So far, I am researching and finding that MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Omega 3, Vit E, D, & C are the most recommended for dry skin. Anything else? Or does anybody have experience in treating dry skin with supplements?
  10. For my dryness problem, my dermatologist had me get "Unguentum Leniens". The consistency is kind of like shea butter or something. It comes in a jar as a buttery/waxy/pomade-like substance. You just dab your finger and apply it to your face...a little goes a long way. It is pretty oily. It's supposed to be cooling, which would be good for flushing. But personally it doesn't feel significantly cooling. My skin is very mysterious to me, still. I know my facial skin has been thinned. I
  11. What supplements are people taking? (specifically, supplements for skin dryness) I'm gonna start: -Omega 3 (ultimate omega, nordic naturals) -MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) I tried Omega 3 in the past, and didn't notice much improvement. But I'm gonna try it again now that I'm off Adderall. I also am thinking of getting: -Hyaluronic Acid -Glucosamine -Biotin (for dry scalp) -Vit E -Vit D -Vit C Has anyone found other supplements helpful for combatting the dry facial skin? Also, has anyone en
  12. Nevermind, I found my answer: REMERON. Can I get some updates on how this is working for the people who are taking it? Does it cause dry mouth? I am starting to take Zoloft, which does make me a bit sleepy. But it is not unbearable. I know some of you (soul??) have said that the Remeron makes you sleepy, but I am hoping it will not be any more than what I am experience now on Zoloft? (perhaps if you've taken other anti-depressants you can compare?). update: wtf.....i read about remeron o
  13. which anti-depressant have people tried using for flushing? i remember there was a particular one people in this thread have tried...
  14. You know, it's funny, but I would expect alcohol to be a really potent flushing trigger, but that hasn't really seemed to be the case. In fact, when I'm very drunk, that is when my skin bothers me the least ). But really, I think stress (and warm temperatures) are the biggest triggers, and since alcohol relaxes me, I don't notice much flushing when I drink. That said, I do not drink regularly. Another major trigger for me was adderall (which I haven't taken in 7 months). Other triggers incl