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  1. Yeah I'm taken too.....not...I had a man, he was hot to, but he was toooo.i don't know, I was to much for him you know, he couldn't handle me, I need someone like me. I like being single though, it's fun going on a bunch of dates w/ different guys....
  2. Orlando huh? He's pretty fine. People always tell me I look like Jamie Pressly (no one probaly knows who that is, i don't even think I spelled the name right) Even strangers come up to me and say that, i guess thats cool for me though cause she's good looking. But if i could be anyone I would be Jennifer Aniston, not cause she beautiful, filthy rich, or hilarious, but because she is married to Brad Pitt (he's tooooooooo fine), what a lucky girl that Aniston is.
  3. I was wondering, do people ever tell you that you look like someone famous, if so whoooo? And if you could be anyone famous who would you be and why? I'll answer my question after a few others post.
  4. I was away for more then 3 days! it was like a week..and thats a long time in internet world. I see you all have a soap opera started, can i guess star? Ha Ha Well I have been supeeeeerrrrr busy at work, been working like 45 hour weeks, it's been nutz! Glad to see you all didn't forget me, I know how easily people pop up and then strangely dissapear on this board!
  5. Hey all I missed everyone, haven't been here for a week. I have been out and about, my face is looking greaaaaat and I had to show it off, you know! Anyways just wanted to say whatttttssss up to everyone, i feel out of the loop, did I miss anything?!?!? Halloween is around the corner, is everyone dressing up? I have to dress up for work, what should I be?!!? Well cheers! Damn Red Sox
  6. So Halloween is around the corner, I plan on dressing up,( going to a bar with friends downtown the Saturday before Halloween and we have to dress up) I'm not sure what to be, I wanna be something cute, I was thinking along the lines of a sexy cop or something......any suggestion?
  7. Week 3 Had 2 breakouts so far.....skin was really dry at first Now skin isn't dry and gets toooo shiny if i use moisturizer, so I kinda been skinping on the moisture........ So far i noticed it will clear my white and black heads, but then they will come back......then they go away...come back.....away I dont think this is any amazing regimen, maybe i just had my hopes up too high The only thing i can say it really improved is the texture and tone of my skin.........we'll see
  8. Dry make-up looks so bad on my skin though and doesn't cover well...aghhhh.....does the studio fix cover good? is it streaky?
  9. My face is naturally oily, so even after using bp and sa my skin still doesn't get dry, i know i can't nix the moisturizer but i feel like all moisturizes make me oily, anyone have a suggestion for a moisturizer that doesn't make the face shiny?
  10. I'm using MAC studio finish foundation and powder, but even when I am not using make-up my face will get really shiny..........
  11. Ok my face get's really oily after about 3 hours when i am wearing make-up, i use oil free oil control make-up so I'm thinking maybe its the moisturizer? I use bp cream (a lot of it) and it doesn't even really dry out my skin at all, so maybe my moisturizer is too much and I should be using a weaker moisturizer. I am currently using the neutrogena spf 15 moisturizer stuff, any suggestions?
  12. I read somewhere, not to long ago, that toothpaste is really bad for your skin, it contains all kinds of stuff to kill bacteria and tarter on your teeth, which isn't so good for your skin. It can be really damaging in the long run. If it is working for you though then its your choice, but if your gunna use toothpaste on your face you should think about using a weaker one that doesn't contain any whitening ingrediants, or any other strong things made to help with tarter controll and all that stuf