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  1. i was told that from the day you start taking yasmin, it takes three months for your face to clear. whereas yaz on the other hand, begins to work right away.
  2. I use Benzagel.it really dried my face out at first, but has now evened out. good luck!
  3. i was on ortho trycyline for 4 years, and it didn't help my acne. it kept it somewhat at bay before my period and then the week before my period my face would break out horribly. i did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that yaz may be the right birth control for me. i have been on it since the end of april, and my acne has cleared up tremendously thus far. i do notice some mood swings but to me, that's a small price to pay. when i first began in, i did break out. but now with yaz, c
  4. ahhh i see what you're meaning ... i work outside too and i just buy wet cloth packs from the dollar store. lol. they come in a little package and are quick for getting dirt and such off. of course, there are many brands of these out there such as st. ives, biore etc etc, i just use the ones from the dollar store because they are mild and don't irritate my face.
  5. Check out my regimen below! merely using proactiv was not helping me, but i didn't want to give it up because i feel it at least does some good for my face. so i added a few things to my regimen and i am now clearing up! good luck!!
  6. amym

    bird poop

    LOL... not THAAAAAAAAAAAAT desperate. i mean, i'm all for natural remedies, but not thaaaaaaaaaaaaat natural!
  7. i've never heard that nozema pads specifically are bad for your skin, but we all know that the ance products on the shelf do more harm than good for your skin. i'd look for a mild toner for your skin. they usually have toners for sensitive and regular skin. buy some cotton face pads (can be purchased anywhere) and instead of using the noxema pads, put some toner on a face pad and rub it on your face. i don't know what kind of toner you should use as everyone is different, i personally like pro
  8. I really don't like this idea! i mean, having acne sucks and going thru a lot of washes and such is troublesome, but there's just something about not washing my face that grosses me out! better to do something, than nothing at all.
  9. I say there is a good chance that the benzoyl peroxide will cure your blackheads. Remember, blackheads are caused from clogged pores so using benzoyl peroxide will help with that!
  10. Go for it! What's to loose? And don't waste any time getting started on it!
  11. amym

    Dry skin

    I have been very religious with my benzoyl peroxide regimen, however I am finding that my skin is becoming very dry. On my regular oily spots, such as my chin, jaw line, and forehead, I am not having any dryness. However, on my areas that weren't usually oily, such as my nose, cheeks, and the upper area around my mouth, I am experiencing dryness. I have stopped applying the benzoyl peroxide to these areas as they weren't very acne-prone in the first lace, but am still experiencing dryness. I am
  12. I am not entirely sure what baking soda does, but i read that someone else was using it on here, so i thought why not! my best guess it that it's an exfoliator. it's week three of the regimen for me and everything is at bay for me! i still have tiny bumps on my forehead and jaw line, but nothing like what it used to be. I am on Yaz BC which helps moderate acne. i have had 3-4 cysts on my face but i have refrained myself from touching them and they have gone down slowly. i have also consciously
  13. Congrats that it worked for you - but you're the only person I've come across that claims it to have cured their acne! For most people, it will keep it at bay, but not cure it. I use proactiv daily, and it definitely doesn't cure it - it just keeps in tame.
  14. After reading a lot on this website, i've created my own personal regimen. I've been very religious about it and so far it's showing results somewhat, which i'm a little excited over. i don't think this will be the end though. AM Wash face with Proactiv cleanser Dry face Use Proactiv toner on face PM Wash face with Proactiv cleaner Dry face Use Proactiv toner on face Wait a bit...(usually ten minutes.) Wash face with about a nickel size of baking soda Dry face Apply 2.5 Benzoyl peroxide (mine
  15. Your family needs to be supportive! Explain to them how you feel and I'm sure that will make a world of difference. surroundings are uber important when trying to make any kind of lifestyle change, as you need as much support as you can get. instead of going cold turkey from everything, try: whole wheat pastas whole wheat bread whole wheat rice water water water and lots of it!! FISH.... it is SOOO healthy for you in moderation! (i personally wish i liked fish.) pork chicken if you are going