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  1. You're welcome Jessica! Acne wise, once I hit the 4th month mark it worked, and as soon as I added Spiro, that really made me clear and my period very light. Yasmin had too many side effects for me though. Yes my face was nice, but I got tired of the gastric stomach aches that came along with and heartburn. Also, my hair was falling out and I was getting scared. :surprised: Yeah I think that's the only time I will ever try bcp's. I would rather stay on Spiro. :angel:
  2. I'm on spiro without birth control because every BCP I tried made me a weepy emotional mess, and alone it's worked just fine for me. Birth control is usually prescribed in conjunction with spiro because it can make your periods irregular, and not necessarily to help your skin. As embarrassed as I am with my "before" picture, here is a "before" and "after" picture of my skin after using only spiro for about 4 months. I am not wearing any makeup in either image, so you can see the skin as it re
  3. I can defiantly relate, although I didn't take Yaz, I was on Yasmin. It gave me a bunch of health problems too. Mostly gastric type flu everyday. You can defiantly take Spiro to help w/the acne part, although it doesn't completely clear it , but it will defiantly help, at least for me it has. There is no such thing as weaning of a bcp, but you could also take another. I have no idea which though. Hope I helped a bit.
  4. I was suppose to take OTC after being on Yasmin for the past few months but haven't because I heard to many bad side effects and acne problems. No thank you! LOL. Sorry I couldn't help, I just wanted to add my 2 cents.
  5. Alright I need some advice guys! I've been off of Yasmin since September. Been on Spiro since August. I am taking 150mgs and have been since December. My face is not badly, badly breaking out, but all of a sudden there are tiny some normal size pink/reddish ones on both sides of my cheeks going towards my ears around my jawline. 1 ALWAYS on my forehead which I never ever used to have problems with. I was in Arizona last week and took a Greyhound across the country, barely sleeping and what I at
  6. Cool, thanks and yeah keep me updated! He thinks it'd be best because of my acne and my periods. Since going off of Yasmin 4 months ago but skin and body has slightly erupted and I can't stand it anymore. Spiro has helped ALOT though, I'm sure it would of been worse had I quit both. I haven't had my period since September either, which honestly doesn't bother me. I hate it anyway. I'm currently on 150 per day of Spiro. I need something to help the ones that continue popping up around my nose,
  7. I totally know what you mean Shells. Let me know if and which BCP you decide on if you do. My doc wants me to go on Ortho Tri Cyclen, and I have the pills here, but don't know if I will take them.
  8. Been on it for about 4 in half months and my hair is fine, now when I was taking Yasmin, my hair was falling out alot. My eyebrows and mustache area seem to grow fast and that pisses me off. LOL. Anyway, thought I'd throw in my 2cents.
  9. I defiantly know how you feel. I've been on it since August and I'm still breaking out, but I think it's because I went off Yasmin a few months ago and and upped my dosage to Spiro. I think it's just trying to fight off the crap from Yasmin. I can for the life of me not get my bottom to stop breaking out, now my chest is slightly, I just hope Spiro helps it back to where it was in Aug. I was 100% clear, now I'm about 95%. Anyway, hang in there and I also read it can take 8 months to year to see
  10. My doctor has me on 150mgs a day and told me to take 2 in the morning and one right before bed. So I take my 2 everyday at 1 and the other around midnight. I don't know anything how effective it is, but I think if you take it at the sametime, same dose, everyday, you'll be better off.
  11. Domer, You've been off the bcp since Summer and you're still breaking out? I just went off Yasmin bk in September and I'm just now breaking out again, but they heal fast and they're very pinkish looking. I am on 150mgs of Spiro to HOPEFULLY counteract with the BCP. Although I was SO clear since Aug, I had to get off of yasmin because of the side effects. I'm so scared because before I went on Yasmin, my face was awful and I rly hope Spiro will help it just as the bcp did. Keep us updated and ha
  12. Does Spiro help with like ALL types of acne? This is my 4th (full) month, yet I still get little pink ones and my bum is breaking out badly. Could it be because I quit Yasmin in Sep? I'm on 150mgs a day and I rly hope it works cause this is the only medication that hasn't given me serious side effects. I'm freaking out, because at the end of last month all through out this month, I am continuing breaking out like everyday, they're small, but compared to where I was 2 months ago, NOTHING, it's ge
  13. I'm glad it's working for you! Yes, this medication is like genius!!! The side effects should go away eventually. Keep us updated!
  14. It's fine now, I only get little ones and they go away pretty quickly. I like Spiro SO much better than BCP. I wish I would of done this first. I'm hitting my 3 month mark! WHOO HOO! Works better than BCP in my opinion. Yeah for some diet does work, but I tried that and nothing. I was still getting bad acne. I do however eat healthy, but I'm not so conscious on cutting out gluten, sugar, wheat, etc. In fact I eat those now and nothing happens. So I dunno. Anyway, stick with it!! In the e
  15. It took about 4-5 months for Yasmin to kick in for me. I would still get spots, but all of the cysts were gone, I added Spiro about this time too. I had to go off of Yasmin because of so many side effects. But I stayed on Spiro and have since upped my dosage massivley to counter act with the breakout after the pill. Although I didn't stay on Yasmin that long, 5 months, but like I said, didn't kick until then, so give it time. When I quit dairy, I stopped getting them around my eyebrows down alon