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  1. For those who experience the breakouts due to self love or love from another, are you washing your hands & face after? Either way, both activities, when fully enjoyed, can cause you to sweat, and if you don't wash hands & face after, then you let the sweat sit and possibly spread other fluids to your face. I know I never experienced a change in my acne due do sexual activity, and I've been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 9 years now. And we have 3 kids. So the "activity"
  2. I though about the tempeture. It stays between 72-78 in the house. Lower at night for comfort. Doesn't ex till 3/11. I think what happened was the BP settled at the bottom. I shook it and now it comes out fine, weird. I did get a bit of a "peel" from the concentrate though.
  3. I've been using DK's BP treatment for about a month. I went to do my nightly treatment and my BP came out very liquidy. I just slid down fingers! I washed it off thinking my hands were dirty, shook the bottle just in case and tried again. Again liquidy! I managed to get it on my face and it took longer than usual to apply. Anyone know why this may have happened?
  4. Thanks everyone! I planned on getting the jojoba oil with my next massage supply order. I'm glad to hear that the flaking will stop eventually. Thanks again
  5. I've been on the regimen for about a week and 1/2. I have noticed a big changed in my skin. I also noticed all the flakes! Does the skin ever stop flaking or will it continue as long as I'm using BP?
  6. My bad on the advertising. I should have read the rules more thoroughly. At first glance I thought it meant for other companies to not use the site for advertising their products. Just thought I was being helpful.
  7. I went on the massage warehouse website as you recomended and typed jojoba oil and didnt find anything can you please redirect me ( i mght have done something wrong) I am looking for cheap jojoba oil to cure my acne! thanks ahead of time From the home page click on the shop tab and select massage supplies, then click on oils cream & lotions icon, then click on massage oils icon, find TheraPro Golden Jojoba Massage Oil. After you select a size you will see the price. Here is a direct
  8. Wow, lookers but no takers. Guess Im the only freak w/ both on here too. No one on KP forum has body acne.
  9. Does anyone have both Keratosis Pilaris & body acne that found a treatment to combat both? I've had KP since a toddler & started with body acne probably around early teen years. So tired of not putting a dent in either!
  10. Organic is definitely better, but if you were breaking out I would guess it was due to the amount you were using. Just make sure you only use a few drops.
  11. cool as kim deal, Waking Life Massage & Supply, Inc. 16oz Certified Organic Jojoba Oil $18.50 16oz Of DK jojoba oil $29.50
  12. u mean for sexual purposes? Yeah, thats exactly what I mean. What are you, 12? I take my job seriously, I would apprieciate people not making sexual refrences to it. As far as the organic goes, it is available. Also, you dont have to purchase in bulk. Take a look. There are smaller sizes.
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that there are better prices out there for jojoba oil. I'm a massage therapist so I purchase lotions & oils on a regular basis. Massage supply sites carry jojoba oil at decent prices. These oils are the same quality as the DK. Massage Therapist's also work on the face and it's known that if a lubricant is necessary then jojoba is the best choice. Here are some of the companies I'm familiar with. Acne.org -8oz $14.75 massagewarehouse.com (I purchase from her
  14. I didn't know what exactly a keloid was so I looked it up. Found this explanation: keloid Also, looked up scar for more info. Found this:scar Hope this is helpful.