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  1. Progress continues I have not stored any urine beyond 2 days and that was an accident, but I did use it topically. The usual maximum I store it for is around 14 hours, as I said above I bottle the first morning's and use it before bed, though I've read some folks store theirs for a week so out of curiosity I will have to try that at some point.
  2. Bah, this tread slipped away from me. I'm back though and bring damn good news. Obviously being at the end on my rope I decided to try the whole urine jazz, I think it was about a week ago that I started and guess what? There's big improvements all across the board! -Not a single big red pimple, only the usual barely noticeable small fleshy bumps and a single whitehead. Broke out on Saturday w/ 5 biggies and by Monday they were not visible. -Red marks have significantly improved, it was almost
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone, please keep 'em coming I do feel like I'm healthy and my skin actually maintains itself well, except for the whole red acne thing. It's never noticeably oily unless I have been exercising, nor is it overly dry unless I have been using tea tree oil, which works well for reducing existing spots. Sie, are you actively washing with jojoba oil or putting it on after you wash, and how often are you washing? I've tried jojoba in the past though without clearing resul
  4. Good morning, I'll answer in the order given, The water fast was the standard 3 day routine, and I drank at least 10 glasses each day spread out, but it didn't appear to have any effects in the short term or long term as I closely monitored my face for a good week afterwards. Along with water I've also done apple juice fasts, but these were intended to assist with the awful liver flushing and saw no improvements. Caffeine & sugar I don't believe are the culprits, I drink literally nothing
  5. Hello, I've suffered from moderate acne for 8 years, beginning at the usual age of 13. I'm in a down mood right now and posting this in a bout of frustration, so please excuse any spelling errors and whatnot crap. I've tried many things to remedy my skin and most have been entirely fruitless, starting at creams, washes, and antibiotics, and then moving on to diet and naturals when those didn't work at all, or even made it worse. I'm nearing the end of my rope though, having tried near everythin