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  1. to Turnakit - I noticed that I got more breakouts on my jawline using these 2 products together. Actually I know it was the C&C wash, maybe because of the mineral oil in it so I stopped using that and replaced it with the proactiv wash. So I use the scrub and the proactiv morning an night and use spot treatment as necessary. I haven't gotten anymore jawline breakouts. I think I had a reaction to the C&C wash...maybe my skin just couldn't handle it.
  2. Ok...it has officially been over 3 weeks for me and I can say that my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin are at 99% clear...a vast improvement. I feel like my pimples are completely under control at the moment. Something I have not felt in a long time. I was reading some of these posts and noticed that people are getting cyst-like pimples on their neck or jawline...I got one of these a couple of days ago and it totally freaked me out...it didn't hurt at all, so I thought maybe a bug bit me...SO
  3. I use neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with 15spf under my foundation...I don't think it has ever given me problems.
  4. thank you so much, starzct....it's so nice to have someone supporting me! besides my husband...sometimes I feel so bad because he has the perfect skin and I think he should have someone that doesnt' have to deal with these problems...ugh...ok...that was my self esteem talking. anyway...here's praying [-o< that in the next month, I will be where you are at. im so glad i found this list
  5. I also saw that on makeupalley...it kind of worried me, but I really doubt they would have something out there that would cause cancer...i certainly hope they wouldn't. anyway...bit of an update: still no new pimples...I don't want to get my hopes up, but when I wake up in the morning and see that I haven't gotten anything new, I get really happy. My forehead is 100% clear. My cheeks are clear as well...just have red marks. Now if only the zit on my noze and right jaw would go away...aggghhh!!!
  6. Hi there, I'm very conflicted about this regimie as well. On 12/9 I will be starting my second week and though this regimine has not given me new pimples, the ones that I do have are taking an extremely long time to heal. I have a HUGE zit on my right jaw, and a regular one on my nose (which I haven't gotten one there in SO long) I don't know what caused me to break out in the begining of this regimine...I think it was the fact that I was trying too many regimines and only giving it a couple of
  7. startzt - I noticed that I started getting these jaw pimples ever since I started my new job 1 year ago. I used to NEVER get those pimples. But also, I stopped using Proactiv (which I used for over 3 years). But it stopped working for me...but I NEVER got the neck/jawline breakouts...even when it stopped working. I think the stress of owning a house for the first time and getting a new job really did it to me, but you'd think that after a year it would subside! Well, I have a new big one on
  8. well, it's been maybe about a week (probably a little less) and there's still no vast improvement, but I must say that I have not had any NEW pimples yet, but the ones I do have are not healing very fast...they are taking quite a while for the bumps to even get flat. I'm going to stick with this for one more week, and if I notice that I'm not getting any new pimples, then i will stick with it for longer. One thing I did notice, the tiny bumps on my forehead (that I all of a sudden got SO many
  9. how good is your skin after 6 weeks? I did it for 8 weeks, and it just didn't clear me all the way. I just wanted to know how successful the routine was for you. thanks
  10. starzt - thanks so much for your advice. Right now, I use L'Oreal deep clean cleanser but I think I will give the Oil of Olay stuff a try...it hasn't made you break out? It isn't medicated, right? The L'Oreal stuff I use has vitamins and stuff but I'm thinking that it's not doing the trick for me. Thanks so much!
  11. Thanks for the reply, botchla. I really trust that your system works, so I have stopped using the AHA and am going to try the C&C for longer. I think I will commit to at least 3 weeks. I also might incorporate the proactiv like the other person.
  12. So you think the proactiv was better? I am just finishing a week of the C&C regimine plus the mandelic acid and I stopped and started proactiv and AHA and my skin has become a mess. I don't know what to do...whether I should stick it out with the C&C and mandelic...or use proactiv and mandelic. Also, when you used makeup, did you wear foundation? Did the C&C stuff take it off all the way? It didn't for me.
  13. Preciosa, Hello! I just had to say hi because you have my mother's name She is from Portugal. Where are you from? I've never met another Preciosa before.
  14. hi there...i totally understand what you are goign through right now...lately...like in the past month, my skin has been so bad after I was clear for a long time (well not 100% clear up I think 95% is pretty good) and I don't know what to do either. I did the acne cure program, I did the C&C regimine, and now I'm on my 2nd day back on Proactiv and nothing is helping. I feel like I'm too old for this crap. I just want something to work again! and I completely stay away from those flouresce
  15. Hi there...I was on proactiv for 3 years and it really did wonders for me. But like the previous poster, it just stopped working one day. So, I ended up buying Carleys Cleanser and that didn't work....so I did the acne cure program for 8 weeks...which SORT of worked but I was at 85%-90%. So for a week I tried the C&C method, but I'm not sure if it was the cleansers or not, or the AHA I added in, but my forhead has a million little bumps. Now I'm thinking of going back on the proactiv too...I