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  1. i used to be using BP but im using differin now which has been helping me immensely. BUT (theres always a but :/ ) my forehead is now breaking out whereas before it was always perfectly clear. Should I go back to using BP on only my forehead?
  2. :shock: why does it have to be 3-6 weeks!!?!?!??! i cant handle it going back to the way it was lol Good luck to you! to both of us... I really hope we dont get it
  3. I have been on differin for a little over 2 weeks and my skin is doing better than it has ever been never in my life have i gone a day without a major deep under the skin pimple... at the moment i have none and have not had one for the past week (I wont get my hopes up because as i said, it NEVER lasts long...) Anyways, i was wondering why i did not experience an initial breakout... could this be from the products i used in the past up to when i switched over to the retinoid?? Or is the dreaded
  4. i have quite mild acne (just one pimple at the moment) but it is unceasing and i have not gone a day in years without at least one deep pimple i recently learned that i have a sensitivity to BP since i broke out in a rash pretty much overnight, or two nights (tiny pustules literally COVERING my face) even with makeup it looked like i had been run over by a truck... disgusting well i went to my dermatologist and was prescribed a sulfur lotion and an oral antibiotic both of which have cleared me u
  5. I used paula's choice 2% BHA liquid which im pretty sure is the same thing and it worked amazingly well getting rid of the little white bumps i had on my cheek bone area... just make sure to give it enough time! dont give up and im sure you will be very happy with it
  6. oh, i NEVER touch my face during the day even if i have an itch lol i only do this in the bathroom mirror as im washing my face, with BP, so there is definitely no bacteria not too worried of it aggravating my acne, just wondering if anyone else does it...
  7. i keep getting asked by my family (thanks mom) why it takes me forever to wash my face... i actually understand, because its kind of ridiculous but i probably spend ten minutes in the bathroom with the water running. The thing is, i only splash my face with water and actually wash it for a little bit but i inspect my face in the mirror from all angles and run my fingers over it to find any new pimples forming. This becomes even worse when my face is clear for some reason. I like doing this when
  8. i can't believe someone else feels this way! i thought it was just me i hate wearing makeup mostly for the reason that i feel like im not showing my real self to people... even my closest friends but then again i wont go out without makeup on so in that respect i have to wear it its so weird how i can actually feel pretty with makeup on sometimes but the second i take it off i get really frustrated as if i didnt know what was actually under it all hhaha
  9. thanks hyacinthe! i have only tried tea tree oil which was mostly an alcohol and the bottle lied to me saying that it was pure TTO. i guess it has to say 100% haha so yeah that did more harm than good. what brand do you use? i agree with you about how the body fights the infection but what i dont understand is even if whatever we use kills all of the bacteria don't we still have dead bacteria in there? i see how it could stop it from growing bigger but how does it go away without coming out?
  10. Sometimes i will feel a painful hard bump coming one which is sure to become a cyst. Usually I just load on a glob of duac (BP+clindamycin) on the spot for a couple days and on a few occasions the spot has just gone away WITHOUT COMING TO A HEAD. This usually only works along the jawline and sometimes on my cheekbone, but anyways... I was wondering... how is it possible for them to disappear like this when there is obviously a whole lot of sebum clogged up in the pore? where in the world does i
  11. don't worry... that's totally normal and is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) they aren't permanent in the least and will go away on their own with time (usually no more than a few months) there are things you can do to speed up the healing time though check out the message boards for more info congrats on getting clear!! :dance:
  12. I have two questions for anyone who can help me: 1. Does it help heal and get rid of existing pimples? Or does it just work to prevent new acne? 2. Has anyone used the baby quasar or does anyone recommend it? I recently ordered both the red and blue and they should be at my house tomorrow (god knows I need them NOW )! P.S. Congrats ellaanne! That is so amazing and you just made me very excited/anxious to get mine.
  13. You should try out benzoyl peroxide if you haven't already since it works really well for most people and is very budget friendly- considering you are a college student. Other than those few spots though, I just wanted to say that it looks like you have really smooth beautiful skin, lucky you!
  14. I use boi-ing concealer from benefit... it doesn't make me break out and I think it helps with whiteheads for some reason (I think it dries out the actual head or something) plus it gives pretty good coverage
  15. basically you put the loop around the spot so that you can see it in the middle, and try do do it so that you put the spot at the base of the loop so there is more "loop room" on top of it... then when you press gently and once the white stuff comes out you roll the loop downwards over it to take everything off. I would do it after you shower-- extremely important-- then apply something like salicylic acid to keep it clean and allow it to get in and get rid of anything that may still be there (a