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  1. i have actually been prescribed on the same thing since last september (11 months) and i would rather have the skin i had back then compared to what i have now my skin has been so inconsistent, sometimes it would be great and then id break out everywhere, and right now it feeels like a big waste of time !
  2. hello, i am a 15 year old white male i have moderate acne, and most of it is just red spots with pretty much no inflammation anyway, i have been called by a modeling agency for an interview and i was wondering if i could put some unnoticable make-up on to make my acne seem better. I obviosuly dont want the makeup to be seeen and i do not expect my acne to be invisable cuz thats impossible, however since i have never used makeup before, i do not know what is good and what will make me break out/l
  3. i just got acne a half a year ago and i never had acne before that ! im 14 years old and a male btw i started using stievamycin the regular kind about 2 months ago and my acne got better because is not inflammatory anymore and when i touch it i cannot even feel any bumps or anything! so it feels like i have clear skin but there is still red spots and marks left over plz give me advices cuz i do not know what to do!