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  1. no too lazy for feather ruffling

  2. Hi ya TOG *waves*...long time no see. not ruffling anyones feathers as of late? :)

  3. ever done cokeand ecstacy together? thats what heaven is like, forever. with no comedown effects. if u make it through life with ur head up high and a positive outlook and being generally good, you will be rewarded.
  4. i agree . Like I said in my post, i retract most of what i said if ur general idea was to criticize people like ETD who are so naive to the world that acne makes them want to end their life. Perhaps I as well as others misjudged your example and took it in a negative way.
  5. well god damn. god damn me and my lack of appreciation for all the simple things that create life because i live in america. i didn't realize i had to be running from bombs and dodging bullets in order to see the true joy in life. i'm sorry that i never understood that only in death and poverty can one fully experience life. how arrogant of me. i almost initially agreed and understood the original poster's message when he made the point that in times of grief and struggle will we finally be ab
  6. oh, i didnt feel like reading everything. i'm just trying to figure out why someone had 2 kids when they were young and incapable.
  7. acne isn't what is making you depressed. it's yourself. if people are urging you to go out and party with them, then DO IT. they obviously aren't worrying about some zits. get over it, your self-pity is so arrogant.
  8. oh man, the terrible 15's. the year of pity.