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  1. yo harp, Thats pretty interesting about accutane...so it drains all the liquids out so would that mean your eyes would feel sore if there dry...jesus doesnt sound too pleasant...and your mate as soon as he took it, cleared within a few months...wat age was he btw? I have mild acne and was thinking bout taking accutane...nothing else stops it completely, its very mild but stubborn, im 18 now, only had it since about 17. i want to give accutane a shot...wat do u reckon? Cheers
  2. aroda your an idiot..can you not read? Im not using it, im asking about it...no need to quote me and post 3 fecken messages!
  3. Hi, I have been on minocin for 6 months as a backup to prevent mild acne whilst modelling however i notice its sort of rebelling against it. I have a few now. I was jsut wondering how do i know if this is hormonal or not? I had it when i was 17 but it was taken care of with minocin, then i went on minocin again and it worked but now its not...im thinking of saying fuck it and getting this accutane for the sake of it...the doctor said its up to me, and said my acne is about 3 out of 10 if 10 i
  4. u know what, thats actually true...one time, actually last weekend, me and my m8s went out and did power hour...its made up by us..u knock back shots of beer continuously for one hour...its the best...took me to an extremely different world involving rotating dancefloors, literally "jelly" legs and everyone looked funny...i advise u to try it.... Anyway, the next morning i had a football match, so b4 the match myself and my m8 went for a jog around the pitch, i sweated everything from the n
  5. hey all, I think this show was only on in england...but who won model behaviour? TELL ME!!
  6. That M word is such a horrible word.
  7. timbo u think ur a "G" but ur not...u and ur "yea fo sho" talk. wtf is that about? Also, im not British, im Irish. Remember that.
  8. ok... Amazing looking = followed by :wink: Minging = followed by dont make me get sick u melted marshmallow or in other words...the ugly duckling
  9. Look, i know at the time those girls pissed you off, but hey we guys do it all the time..."she is minging!", "she is fat" etc etc...girls do it too about guys...i bet when i had acne, girls said stuff among themselves about me(now that could be, he would be very hot if he didnt have it or they might have said the opposite), but im not ugly so i dont know. I say it about girls all the time, im an 18 yr old guy. Im not keeping all this oh its all about personality crap, if a girl is minging, i gue
  10. dan, im happy for you honestly. I never did bash u down in the first place nor intended too. Im glad your making progress with the book, if you know its working and u have proof, thats cool. Sure after all, my messages on here are just my opinion, just an opinion, theres plenty of people out there who agree with this regimen so thats all good. Good luck with the book!
  11. ye thats true trotsky...fair enough, but fine then, this regimen is pointless. It works for some, but then some people stop doing particular things or start doing other things and then try to say that its the regimen which is also helping. I completely and utterly disagree. This board is just a support forum for people. Thats not a bad thing. Its excellent, but as for this regimen, i cant say the same thing. Look, im bored of this, ive said what i have to say, u can all either listen to it an
  12. "I don't know why you expect anyone to prove this to you. I don't beleive Dan ever said that this works 100% for everyone, to claim that would be foolish in the extreme. Apparently it does work well for many people, i am seeing better results than i saw using Accutane, that's saying something. For the record it is much more detrimental to use antibiotics for an extended timeframe than to use BP for an extended time frame. " Says Beentheredonethat... OK FIRST OF ALL, read my damn messages, i ne
  13. Well first of all, at least i have made my point about the photos i.e. the tans, different lighting etc and am glad you have all acknowledged that. Because really, i aint here to put any one down. Its just a wake up call, because i got one the other day, nothing to do with skin or acne, but just regarding life, then i came back on here and decided to see whats happening and then this all started...i didnt go home to think of a plane to pee as many people as i can off. Ok first to Gaz, I think
  14. ye different lighting tricks work gr8. TAKE THEM IN FULLY WEL LIT ROOMS. AND ALSO, that skin is not perfect in the after pictures im afraid to say. ANd in some cases, there aint even significant improovement, one guy has like four on right of his mouth, which looks like a once off thing from somthing he eat or somthing. There in the one area. He doesnt have bad acne to start off with. Look, i could get a million people on minocin and tetracycline, and take befores and afters. I just want to see
  15. theres nothing wrong with the language i used! All that matters is the point got across, haha ok maybe unclearly. I suppose, but what do u expect, i was eating a mine pie and having some hot chocolate at the same time...(quite tasty too, and so healthy!) No thats not my regimen. I drink lemon juice and water for pleasure. I like it. I dont know how it effects skin. Some say it works, some say it dont, some have no opinion, some just like it(thats me u know). I use anti-biotics to keep my skin