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  1. i just got put on it a week ago, i'll let you know how it works out,
  2. i use a retinoid and it's fantastic, i'm sure you'll be put on one for maintance after your accutane course. i'm not familiar with what you can and can't do.....but you may want to look into a facial? i get one every 5 weeks and i swear by them. just make sure your estheticians good, if you live in a popular city (LA, new york, etc) allure mag has featured estheticians in their magazine and on the website, i believe. expensive, but so worth it when taking care of your face. make sure you verify
  3. many people use a cleansing oil, mac sells one (you may or may not want to try, it's def got a higher potential of breaking you out) and DHC makes one a lot of people like. alternativley, you could use an oil, like olive or grape seed that works wonders to remove makeup. however, they don't have ingredients that will eliminate a film that oils leave behind, and that film may or may not clog pores. most people who wear heavier makeup that's difficult to remove (revlon colorstay, double wear, wate
  4. i get one every month or so, it's great.
  5. happens to me all the time. you should use a lighter layer of the stuff so it doesn't dry your skin out as quickly and make it flaky. but i know it's very tempting to pack it on, especially when you've got a painful breakout. but trust me i use to layer on all sorts of junk and it never really did much. i just use my duac now and try to back off slathering it on, and it still works pretty well. key word is patience! also if you've dried an area out already you need to take a break from the spot
  6. Going to purchase the clarifying formula as it's got the least chance of breaking out my near perfect skin now! However, i do mix duac with my cerave moisturizer in the morning, and the clarifying formula has salacylic acid in it, so i was thinking it's probably a bad idea to use them in conjunction. especially since i read the formula can be very drying if you don't moisturize well. what do you guys think?
  7. alright i checked it out and dimethicone is in my current makeup, and i haven't noticed any issues. also im pretty sure talc and mica arent a problem as i've used mineral makeup consitently before. think i'm going to give the duo mat a shot and tell you how it works out!
  8. is that simalar to the ingredients in mineral makeups that that make acne prone users break out? i've heard some horror stories about bare minerals but i've never had a problem. i also believe i've used mica and talc in some of my powders with no problem, it's the other ingredient you mentioned that worries me! is that commonly found in liquid foundations as well?
  9. yeah thats the site i looked up the ingredients on lol! i was pretty pleasently surprised with the list, and the fragrence is the last ingredient, plus my skins pretty tough so i dont think itll be a problem. im glad you like it, i have oily skin too :\
  10. hi(: i was looking into a new powder foundation because i'm currently a clinique liquid user, but sometimes it's a hassle. and i've read such nice things about this one, i'm thinking about switching when i'm out of my clinique. i checked a majority of the ingredients, and so far so good. but i still want to be as certain as possible that this isn't going to cause any problems. heres the ingredients, in case anyones interested. Talc, Dimethicone, Mica, Magnesium Stearate, Methyl Methacrylate
  11. the trick is a thin defined line. loreal makes a nice one, it comes in a long, tan colored tube. i don't know what the exact name is, but it has an applicator perfect for thinner lines. if you're into a more dramatic look revlon colorstay makes a great liquid liner. BUT make sure you get the one that comes with the removable applicator, NOT the "colorstay pen." i ended up buying the pen on accident and i literally cant even use it, it's that terrible -_______-
  12. my facialist squeezes a ton like that. there's a lot of junk in your pores that topicals just cant remove, it needs to be taken out manually. whether its an active breakout or skin that appears fine on the surface. this type of thing is really dodgy though as you never know which specialists know techniques for removing plugs without harming the skin and which are going to cause you scarring, so be very cautious! ive had mine for years and she gets a ton of junk out of my pores, shes great.
  13. tell me how the MUFE powder works out for you! i use clinique liquid foundation but it can be a pain applying in the morning. when it runs out id like to look into a nice powder foundation the the MUFE one.
  14. ok so heres the backstory, ive had this for about a week total now. for about 3 days it was a slight bump, pretty flat, dark reddish in color, smaller than a dime but not by too much, and very very hard. it was not painful at all though, i figured it would take a few days but eventually the aczone and bp i was slathering on would treat it. i woke up on the fourth day and noticed that is was actually noticably sore. i asked my mom to look at it and she took a pin and popped some kind of yellowish
  15. only when i go to the facialist/derm lol. even then i dust on some powder so i don't get oily.