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  1. If you're still experiencing excessive flakiness and dryness then you could try putting jojoba oil on after you cleanse and then apply bp which is what i do and it works great. I have to pat some of the excess jojoba oil off my face, after waiting for bp to absorb in, with a tissue to avoid lookin super shiny.
  2. Sounds like consuming the oil is doing a lot of good things. I'll give that a shot starting with today's breakfast . Has anyone used the oil on their face? Thanks for the replies!
  3. Has anyone experienced success in clearing their acne with a treatment of organic virgin coconut oil? Please explain exactly how the product was used. Did you just use your fingers to apply or something else like a cotton ball? Should I wash my face morning and night, or should I just let the oil sit on the affected area throughout the day after an evening application? Was there an Initial Breakout and also how long did it take for the treatment to work completely, if it did at all? Thanks!
  4. Hey have you tried using Milk of Magnesia? My skin seems similar to yours so maybe it will help. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Milk-Magn...20#entry2691497
  5. I've been using MoM for a little over a month and it has cleared me about 85%.
  6. Try a milk of magnesia mask, I find it to be pretty effective. I leave it on for 10-15 min then wash off morning and night.
  7. Thanks! So do you wash your face before the mask also or just after? I just wash it after.
  8. I leave it on my entire face for 10-15 minutes (until it's dry), then use Purpose bar to wash it off. Good results after about 5 days of using.
  9. I agree, steroids can definitely cause break outs so be careful :)
  10. So you're supposed to leave the vinegar on your skin for 10 min and then rinse off with just water or should I use a cleanser?