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  1. I always say my only regret about accutane is not going on it sooner lol. Glad to hear it worked out for you as well!!!! Definitely happy! Still wonder if microneedling or more filler would improve the scars more, but I think at this point I just need to say “this is good enough!” and go live my life haha.
  2. Update: been about 9 months since I had the subcision and filler. So happy with my results! note: I’m 35 and do not expect any treatment to give me perfect skin. The improvement from my before pics in my first post up to the pics posted today are worth every penny I paid and then some. Highly recommend Dr. Jacqueline Calkin if you’re in the Northern California area, so affordable, sweet, knowledgeable, easy to get an appointment, and really just wants her patients to be happy with their re
  3. So true re: trolls Bellafill is permanent, which is great in the sense that patients don't have to keep returning to the dermatologist and paying for more product. But the advantage of Juvaderm is that if the patient doesn't like how it looks (or if the derm overfills, or if the product migrates, etc.) the product can be dissolved. I like that HA fillers are reversible, and if I have to pay $500 once or twice a year to maintain the fullness in my lower face, that's ok with me.
  4. Thanks floridagirl I have a love/hate relationship with this site lol. There were a lot of cool people here that helped me through a really hard time in my life. One of them I even met in person, sweetest woman ever and one of the most awesome experiences to sit down and have lunch with someone I had exchanged tons of messages with. But ultimately the negative voices began to outweigh the positive ones. I'm so sorry you are feeling sad over your skin now, believe me I have been there. I hope
  5. I may continue to update, but honestly this site is just as full of negativity as I remember. When I share photos saying I'm thrilled with my results and the first response is "Well it's still not perfect and your filler is going to wear off" that's pretty telling. It reminds me of when I was on this site years ago, so excited that Accutane was finally clearing my acne after 10 years of unsuccessful prescription treatments. I got so many comments along the lines of "Just wait, your acne is going
  6. Can anyone tell me how to delete my blog? I currently have it set to "only members I choose can see it" but I'd rather just delete it. Please and thank you!
  7. Hi! I just made a long post sharing my success with accutane in the prescription treatment forum. I completed my course of accutane about nine years ago. I’m just now addressing the depressed scarring around my mouth. I’m working with Dr. Jacqueline Calkin in Sacramento, CA. The photos show my scars before subcision + Juvaderm, the day after treatment, and a month after treatment. The subcision cost $250, the Juvaderm cost $500. I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Calkin has recommended touch-up
  8. Hi! I used to post here a LOT ten years ago. It's been awhile, so if there is a more appropriate place for this post a mod can feel free to move it there or let me know and I'll repost myself. Ten years ago I was 25 years old and had severe cystic acne all over my face, as well as blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, and papules. I am so sorry I do not have a photo--at that time not many people owned digital cameras and cell phone cameras took very poor quality photographs. I had been seeing de
  9. How many whiteheads are you getting daily? I was really hard on myself during my course and if I had even one pimple a week I would feel like accutane wasn't working. I broke out until the end of my course, then afterward I would go for weeks and even months with no breakouts. The redness got better after my course was over, too. Ask your derm for a topical to use after your course is over. Good luck.
  10. I've been considering a 2nd course of accutane for awhile, acne is not as bad as it was but I feel like it worked so well the first time. It might be worth the risk of going on again if I can improve my results. During my first course I was single and I didn't date, but now that I'm seeing someone, I wonder how being on accutane will affect that. My lips were so chapped the first course, I'm wondering if I can even stand kissing if I go on a second course. Just wondering if anyone is willing
  11. Good morning! I'm happy your cyst improved. You're right, 3 weeks is way too soon to be deciding this drug is or is not working. Most peoples' skin gets worse for a month or two, or three, or even four before the acne starts to clear up. I quit picking during my accutane course, too. What helped me was putting sticky notes on my mirror (NO PICKING!) and if I had a spot that was begging to be picked, I would put a little dot of opaque face mask on it. If I couldn't see it, I found that the
  12. One had a full beard and one was clean-shaven. My best guess is lip gloss/chapstick, but it's strange that two separate kinds would cause the exact same type of acne. Esp. since Burt's Bees is supposedly all-natural. I see what you're getting at, no, my last bf had stubble and I would get red irritation around my mouth, this was actual pimples. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why can't life ever be easy?!
  13. Get health insurance NOW before you fill any accutane prescriptions. It might be expensive, but at your age you should be able to swing $100 a month or less. If you start accutane, your acne will be seen as a "pre-existing condition" making you insanely expensive to insure. Also, keep in mind that accutane has serious side effects. If you experience permanent hair loss, joint pain, IBS, or have an otherwise adverse reaction, you are going to want to see a doctor. If you don't have health
  14. If Accutane wasn't the best decision I ever made in my life, it's at least in the top 3. I had joint pain, dry lips, dry skin, and dry hair on accutane. The joint pain and dry hair went away. My lips still require chapstick daily, although not as bad as before. And my skin is a normal level of oiliness. It does not flake or feel tight, but I can wear makeup 10+ hours and it does not get shiny or appear oily. Best of luck to you!
  15. Hi everyone, I used to have very bad cystic acne, a course of accutane and YAZ basically cured me. However, with the last two guys I dated, whenever we made out, my face would break out in little pustules around my chin, upper lip, and cheeks afterward. I was wearing burt's bees honey chapstick a few of those times, and a sephora lip gloss another time. Could the chapstick be causing my breakouts? Or the saliva of the other person? I cannot go the rest of my life without kissing, but I als