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  1. i am definitely getting a lot more sleep than before. I go to bed at half 8 at night, however i get up at half 5 3 days a week (course is only 3 days). Quality of sleep is a lot better, have a different bed from before. I dont suppose i have a good sleep routine tbh ;/ i have a lot more fruit than i ever did before. Also my mom incists i have dressing on my salad, even though i heard it was better for your skin not to have any. and i only eat white meat i.e. chicken for the protein. anything w
  2. oo well, its like no white heads or bumps, there just tiny red blotches, they never actually form into anything on my forehead ;/ i use shampoo on my foreheadd then? ;o xo
  3. Hi everyonee i'm new heree! i'm just gonna start by sayingg how it all startedd. It was about a year ago now; I was completely unhealthy, overweight according to my BMI, never went to the gym, barely ever went out and mostly sat on my computer all day apart from when i went to school. I NEVER GOT ACNE ONCE. It is just a complete mystery to me today. I had hair all in my face all the time, so i'm sure of it's naturals oils leaking all over my face nearly 24/7 and i can't say my clothes ever got