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  1. DAY 146 THREE DAYS TILL I FINISH ACCUTANE!!! acne-wise: pretty darn good. I only have a little TINY spot come up every once in awhile. Other than that my skin is pretty much fine. I still have really small white spots under my chin, but you can hardly see them. However.. of course they still bother me. I also still have some blackheads, but again you can hardly see them. I also have a lot of scars, but I guess that was to be expected I have two healing spots right now. Both on my chin. One is
  2. DAY 132 Got two new spots -_-; and I was doing so well.... One was just tiny but is now all red around it ? the other is a cysts! I thought this was all suppose to stop by now? Still have two healing spots.
  3. DAY 129 So sorry I haven't updated in forever. School has been crazy busy lately and for like a full week I was busy with prom and such. So I'm gonna start with talking about prom and then I'll talking accutane related stuff later =) PROM! : So prom was okay. To be honest the actual prom itself was a bit better than the after party(s). Also I'll add the pics once I finished explaining about the whole day lol. The day started off nice because I got to sleep in and stuff. I also got my hair and
  4. DAY 114 Five days till prom I hate myself. I got a BIG cysts and of course I picked it There's no way it'll cover.... and things were actually somewhat clearing up... I'm going to look hideous on my prom *sighs* responses: fel_han: aww thanks for the hug and the support! Hopefully it'll bring some positiveness my way =p michellemac: thanks! your post made me decide that I should go to the after party at prom and try to have some fun! Plus, if I don't like it I could always just go ho
  5. DAY 112 Derma Appointment: I had my appointment yesterday. I'm not happy with my progress at all.. I still don't notice any change really. I told him this and he quite simply said I have two options - to continue for one more month or to stop right now. Obviously I said I'd do the last month because who knows.. maybe it'll change now? acne-wise: no dramatic change in the postive aspect. I STILL have blackheads and the little tiny bumps on my chin. I even got a cyst today and a week ago or so..
  6. DAY 105 acne-wise: pretty good. no new spots as of my last post, however no improvements since my last post either side effecs: same old, same old. - dry lips -dry skin - weird little rash on arm/hand but isn't red - back pains - headaches responses: fel_han: for makeup I use BareMinerals from Bare Escentuals makeup line. I use to use the BareMinerals foundation orginial but they recently came out with this new BareMinerals foundation matte so I'm trying it out. The matte one claims to not m
  7. DAY 103 (I think) Woo, into the triple digits! acne-wise: Meh, I'm still having a couple spots pop up here and there. Only one cysts in a week though! Of course, I stupidly picked it and now have a huge healing spot in the middle of my right cheek Other than that anything that pops up is usually just small and innocent (needless to say, if I pick it it's not so small or innocent anymore). Right now I just have healing spots and scars, no biggie. Oh... but I do still have my blackheads on my
  8. DAY 96 acne-wise: all is good. I have two healing spots close together and close to the left side of my bottom lip. I have a couple bumps on my cheeks but they aren't bad and they're just like... scars really. Actually, I mostly just have scars a blackheads now, which I'm not complaining about... just as long as I don't suddenly breakout again. Which is why I'm afraid for when I get my period as I usually breakout then. Plus.. I'm pretty sure one of my periods falls on the week of my prom =/ bu
  9. DAY 91 - starting MONTH 4 Starting new dosage!! 40mg every morning, 40mg every OTHER night. acne-wise: Pretty good. Mostly healing spots. Blackheads on nose and cheeks still hanging around but getting smaller. The little bumps around my chin are still around too. I also get little random spots pop up every where but they only last a day or two so not much. Mostly healing spots and scars right now. side effects: same old, same old. However my shoulder is acting up again. - dry lips - not much
  10. yeah i know i love the betsey johnson one too!! they're alot simliar ones by the same company so its just a matter of going to the store and seeing if they're just as much oh well the second dress was on like a gothic/metal site lmao if we have simliar tastes i'll definitely inform you of any other dresses i come across if you dont mind! lol i like getting peoples opinions =p
  11. Actually I went to a couple vintage stores yesterday. I live in a BIG city where unique clothing seems to be the trend so everyone is at the vintage shops so they're, sadly, always crazy business. We have not just a street but like a whole district of the city to vintage shops and some are good and some not so good. this is the dress I've been begging my mother for but, for one, it's online and I don't know if the store has it. And two.. look at the price! $485? Yeah, no way... I still have t
  12. DAY 88 I start my new dosage in a couple days! *excited* acne-wise: in the hopes I don't jinx myself... no new spots. Just 5 healing spots that are healing alright I guess... but whatever. Now that I'm not breaking out I find myself more confident at least, so that's a plus. side effects: HEADACHES!! OMG, my head is trying to killllllllllllll me. I've been trying to take tyenol 3s (which are left over from a tooth ache I had and my derma had said were okay to use while on accutane) but it's n
  13. Hey, so I've been on Accutane for about 3 months. My dosage has been 40mg throughout that whole time (recently got upped for month 4 though with 40mg one day and 80mg the next day). I've been still breaking out constantly throughout my course (usually on the week of my period so I personally believe it has something to do with when I stop taking the birth control pills I'm on). Anyways I'm also a huge picker (I know, I hate myself for it) and because Accutane makes your skin so thin the scabs a
  14. DAY 85 Ugh, I hate myself. I've totally picked the hell out of my skin and because fucking Accutane is messing with my skin and making it so thin, one little pick turns into a HUGE scab. Also, stupid Accutane makes your skin not heal as fast so it's just shit. I haven't gone to school since Tuesday (when I only went for the afternoon) claiming that I'm "sick". I need to go because I have questions about my final projects for some of my teachers but I just can't bear it. I'm hoping some magica
  15. DAY 84 Staying home from school yet again because of my acne... *sighs* I must have jinxed myself with my last post because right after posting it my skin started breaking out AGAIN. I got a cysts on the left side of my chin (which I, of course being me, picked and is now a scab) and some of random little bumps pop up all over my face. The cysts that I was talking about before on the right side of my face.. well, as said before, I picked it and its a big scab right now but its totally not fee