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  1. Hi Everyone, Went to see me dermo yesterday and he decided to take me off roaccutane. My bloods were perfect but he said he 3 to 4 months is sufficient and only works during these months. In two weeks time, there abouts, i would have completed a 4 month course. I was half expecting him to give me another month as i am still breaking out.Not as bad but still have usually two or three new spots. I was so gutted! He said that Roaccutane works in the 3rd and 4th month and having two or three zi
  2. Hi cpteazy, Just read your log. So cool,crazy girl. My lips arent to bad, hair like yours,dont wash often and lips a bit mank. My skin is thin and i have the bags to so hopefully these will go once off. Seeing dermo today and will ask for another month.I really hope he will,clear apart from two but its so up and down, think 1 more month will do me good and like you said another 28 days is nothing for acne free skin. Have two lumps under the skin, a few small blemishes but overall looking g
  3. Hi Ace guy, Thanks for that. Its only 1 week and im not going to go mad, will use a high factor and be very careful but the thought of coming off it now is just horrible. Especially with two big zits on my face still. Thanks again. Hope you have a nice holiday xx
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks so much. Will NOT wax down there and continuo to be 'oh natural' Dying sounds fun, might try that. Thanks again for all your responces xxxxxx
  5. Hi All you girls out there on Roaccutane. Currently on 60mg a day and have been on this drug for nearly 4 months now. I am so desperate,cant wait any longer. I know you cant wax your face but does this include your private bits. I am normally a brazillian kind of girl, not much there and shaving is just awful,gives me a horrible rash. Have also tried creams but they dont really give a good effect. Has anyone waxed in this area whilst on roaccutane?xxxx
  6. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could help? I am going on holiday next month but am still on roaccutane, this is my 4 month so far and still have some zits on my cheeks. I see the dermo next week and really dont know what to do. I still have spots so feel at this stage i shouldnt come off Roaccutane but i also know that sunbathing is bad whilst on this stuff. I know this is totally wrong but i didnt want to tell him in case he takes me off this stuff.Have got so far, really didnt want t
  7. Hi cpteazy, This week i have been spot free 'again'.Lets hope it lasts this time. Few scars but no make up today and feeling ok. Have dermo in 2 weeks time so would have been on tane for 4 months in total. Didnt know whether i should get another month from him to make sure its gone for good?What you reckon? Mood swings - - - - - oh yes, everything seems much worse then it really is. My poor boyfriend thinks im nuts, lets hope things go back to usual once i am off.Soooo need a holiday. Ho
  8. Hi yoyobarn, lol Me to.Soooo strange. This week is looking ok you know.Im not going to get excited yet though as this happened a couple of weeks ago. Couple of scars,no make up, im feeling ok but normally my right side seems to be worse. I have two more weeks until i see my dermo next,that means my 4 months will be up. Im not sure whether to ask him for another month. My dose for 4 months will come to 5180mg and i need 7200mg, i think for my weight so another month of 60mg will bring me
  9. Hi Taller Ace, I got this to.Im really fair but love to sit in the sun, when it does come out which isnt really often in the uk. I to put sunblock on ,didnt have a zit on my face then the next day, pow!!!! two big ones on my cheek the next day with a rash. I have noticed now when i sit in the sun i get this rash again and a small break out.Not sure if it was the sun block, the sun itself or roaccutane or a combination but now if its hot outside i stay away. I think thats why they recommend t
  10. Hi Lydzxxx, Dont stop your accutane because of this . Its a good sign that its working.I am into my 4th month now and im constintly getting it on and off. I get it on the tops of my arms,inside my arms by the wrists and sometimes even a little on my legs.I notice i get it when im hot, after the gym or when its been warm outside. Its notmal though, dont panic. I use Cetraben, its amazing.Twice a day, went in a couple of days. Good Luckxx
  11. Hi Yoyobarn, I have noticed that the last break out did go quicker this time so it might just be kicking in now. Hope so as when i think its working a get another horrible break out. How many months do you have to do in total? x
  12. Hi dannym, Your right,hopefully it will be worth it in the end. im really healthy to.Gym 3 times a week, dont smoke, eat really well and at the moment alchol free which is a pain in the ass.But hey,all in the name of clear skin. Its so up and down though, depending on my mood some days im cool with it and think, im getting there, other days i feel pants. Good Luck with your exams and the journey for clear skin xx
  13. Hi vmx85 I know, so weird.It hurts as well and when you look under the light they look ten time worse. I popped two this week.the ones on your cheek,not very attractive.HAve been sat at work with sudo cream on my face in the hope by the weekend i can actually cover them with make up. I have just started month 4,lets hope the accutane starts to kill these deep little devils. Does sound like accutane is bringing them all out which is what they need to do so you sound like your on the right tra
  14. Thanks cpteazy, Your very good at this! My dermo is a little cautious when it comes to roaccutane but i will defo put the charms on if need be.I want to give this a good shot,really dont want to go back on it again, well at least not for a long time anyways. Well i start my 4th month today. Do you think my dose is strong enough.I think we may have started to low.I weigh 64kg, strated on 20mg for the first month, 40 mg for 3 weeks then it will be two months on 60mg?I do eat really healthy,may
  15. Hi cpteazy, Thanks for your reply. I know your right, if we can get through this we can do anything.It is tough isnt it. 4.8 months!!!!!! i think i went into a bit naivley thinking i would be perfect in a couple of months.Silly really, nothing works that quickly. I am really woried my dermo will take me off it after this month, total 4 like he first suggested. If im not clear,will he still leave me on it? xx
  16. Hi Everyone. I wrote a new topic last week only to say how wonderful this drug was and that things are slightly improving. I was fairly clear, few scares for 1 week which is amazing for me and i really could see any major things happeneing under the skin. Sunday morning, wham!!!! two horrid ones on my cheek plus a few little white heads.The ones on my cheek that really hurt and are hard to squeeze, if you try that is. I have weird acne, lots of white lumps under the skin then i usual get 3-6
  17. hmmmmm, spoke to soon.God this is a rollar coster of a journey. All weekend looking good then, pooow! Woke this morning with two painful zits, the ones that you cannot pop under your skin on my cheek.There the worst! Still looking a lot better but gutted. Oh well, will keep going. Saw the dermo last week, gave me another 1 month on 60mg.That will total 4 months.He wants me to have 1 clear month before i get off the accutane. Lets see guys.Will keep you posted. Looks like from the response
  18. Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you all know that finally in the 11th week i am seeing results. I know some of you are worried that you are still breaking out in the 3rd and 4th month.I was to but my dermo whom i saw today reassured me that this is totally normal. If you saw my face last week i had 4 major, and i mean major zits plus the usual under the skin but this week its like a miracle. Everything is healing so fast and the ones under the skin seem to be disappearing.I would never sit where
  19. Hi AOEE, I didnt realise it stills works when you are finished, good news. Well hopefully after my 4 months i will be as lucky as you. Glad it worked out for you. Whats the BP like. I tried thast before Accutane but it didnt really work for me.Or maybe i was to impatient. Do you think it will work better once i have finished my course? Did it make your skin dry? xx
  20. Hi pahayl, My dermo didnt say anything either about why the pimples stay for so long.Again he said everyone is different, some peoples go really quick others stay for ever.Mine is the latter. I must admit since my last post the last 3 days i havent had any new ones appear and cant see any under the skin but it does change daily so not getting to excited. I noticed everytime the dermo increased my mg i got a slight break out. 60mg sounds good,ive noticed a little improvmenet since my dose was
  21. Hi Pahayl, Me to. My zits shoot up then no word of a lie they stay for about 2 weeks. Im trying not to squeeze them as when i have, my god they scar. Keeping strong, two weeks left until i have completed 3 months.My Dermo thinks i will only need 4 months. We shall see x
  22. Hi Every one. Im now into my 10 week and my skin doesnt seem to be getting better. I know how you all feel.Its so frustrating, especially when some peoples faces clear up so quickly. I keep getting told to stay strong but thats easier said then done. I to have moderate acne thats really stubborn.Fingers crossed things will improve soon as i really dont know what to do next if this doesnt work as i have tried all sorts of tablets and creams. Stay strong every one.I have been told this has su
  23. Thanks for getting back to me. Tried it over the weekend and it really wasent worth the money.Went on well, but a slight orange tinch sprang to mind. Oh well, worth a shot. 9 weeks in now and getting frustrated.Still no results. How long was it until you started to see a difference in your skin? x I relised once it was on.My skin didnt seem dry but the next morning it had stuck to my dry patches. Lovely, not! Maybe wil wait until the tane is over. Thanks for your reply x Thanks Bi
  24. Hello Everyone, Just wondering if anybody can help me. This is my first time on accutane and i was just wondering if i can use fake tan. I feel so pasty as i cannot go in the sun, am going away this weekend with my boyfriend and just want to feel better about myself. Will the tan look ok? Will it make my spots worse? Can anyone help.?xxxx