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  1. Awful Moisturizer

    I can't believe that I'm saying this about an acne.org product, but... this stuff actually makes me break out. I'm very aware of my acne and this stuff gave me pimples in areas that I never break out in. It did a good job at taking care of flakes but waking up to small white heads every day isn't a good trade off. Being that I've been using Acne.org products for almost 5 years now, I really wanted to like this moisturizer; but it just isn't a great product. This one needs help Dan...
  2. Okay I honestly feel like crying right now. I just looked up "Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea" and my cheeks look a lot like how it shows in the pictures only my forehead and chin are never red. Could I still have it even though my chin and forehead dont seem to have these symptoms? I feel as if it makes complete sense that I would have it because my cheeks would ALWAYS be red no matter what I did. This is so depressing.
  3. It seems like I can't seem to find a moisturizer that works for me. The Acne.org moisturizer and cetaphil moisturizing lotion both do a good job at keeping my skin soft and flake free but also make my skin very red. I recently tried the Eucerin redness relief night cream which worked perfectly but then made me break out a week later. Why is it so hard to find a decent moisturizer? =\ Please post any moisturizers that work for you even if its one of the ones stated above.
  4. Hey guys, my nose and the front of my cheeks are almost always red. Some days it looks really even tone and perfect, but more days than not, it resembles sunburned skin. I was wondering if there were any products or moisturizers that I could use to make it less red? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hey, do you know of any products that work to calm red skin?
  6. I wish someone knowledgeable or someone with a similar problem could share some advice because I get the same redness on the front of my cheeks and my nose. It is SO annoying. Some days I wake up and my skin looks perfect with no redness, then other days its really red for no reason.
  7. Hey guys, I found two products that actually work to calm my red skin but to little avail, they made me breakout These two products are: http://www.eucerinus.com/products/face-care/eucerin-redness-relief-soothing-night-creme.html http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/eucerin-redness-relief-daily-perfecting-skin-lotion/ID=prod1401816-product Now I just now looked at the first products ingredients list and found out that it contains: "Myristyl Myristate" which is a HIGHLY comedogenic ingredi
  8. Hmm, I read on these forums that the isopropyl myristate is in such low concentration, on top of the fact that you only apply a pea sized amount, that it isn't as comedogenic as people say. I would imagine pure isopropyl myristate in 100 percent concentration would break you out horribly, but this isn't too bad I'm assuming. Maybe thats why my derm suggested it, but who knows.
  9. Haha, thanks! I would love to ask for the gel, but unfortunately, my insurance doesn't cover it.
  10. Okay, so a week and a half ago, my dermatologist prescribed this tretinoin cream which is suppose to clear any mild acne I have and smoothen out my skin. I noticed however that one of the inactive ingredients is isopropyl myristate which is highly comedogenic. Can anyone provide me some insight as to why my dermatologist would prescribe me this if it can cause even more acne? Maybe I'm wrong, hopefully I am.
  11. Hey, I'm getting a chemical peel done pretty soon and after you get a chemical peel, your skin gets very dry and starts peeling. I was just wondering if it is still safe to apply benzoyl peroxide during this time because I really dont want to break out from not applying it for an entire week.
  12. Well, i've been on the acne.org regimen for 3 months. I use the acne.org BP all the time. However, yesterday I decided to try out some of my proactiv BP that i've had for a while and well, I was impressed. I used to same amount of proactiv BP as I would acne.org BP From what I noticed, 1. When I sweat, the acne.org BP can clearly be seen and I can feel it on my skin. With the proactiv BP, this did not happen. (also, when I wash my face, I can feel the acne.org BP. It feels creamy. I didn't fee
  13. I would go in here and there to see if it was any more entertaining then the last time. lol