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  1. onceperfect

    Sad :(

    Your skin hasn't finished healing btw. Alot of the collagen will refill on it's own, mine looked like yours when it first healed up too, it improved alot. I see you still have one active acne on your chin, Don't start any scar treatment until you are out of the woods. If you are on accutane you have to wait 6 months off it. I recommend the hormone pill instead to make sure the acne doesn't come back due to scar treatments. Dermarolling, subscision, and laser. I was conservative with my approach,
  2. perfect skin, no side effects

    Years of antibiotics and topic products could not do what this product has done for my skin, which is to remove not only acne but blackheads. Pros: perfectly Clear skin reduced PMS reduced period pain thicker hair slightly fuller chest Cons: 1 kilo (2 pounds) water weight gain
  3. i really don't want kids ever but i'm affraid that it will stop working one day, also i still get pimples, not cystic but its not perfect skin like i would get if i went on accutane
  4. Hi everyone, i've been struggling with acne for 5 years taking antibiotics on and off for years on end. As soon as i get off the antibiotics the acne returns. It is moderate and cystic and scarring. For the last three months, i've been on doxy, clindatech and for the last 2 months i've been on diane35 My acne is now under control. Especially with the diane35. I just went to a dermatologist who perscribed accutane. He is going to put me on 20mg for 9 months. I was resolved to take it, bu
  5. i feel like that things are going to go wrong because god may punish me for not appreciating what i already have and knowing it can be worse. What do you think guys, is this my irrational anxiety disorder talking, or is there real cause for concern?
  6. Hi guys, so this is not completely acne related, but has anyone experience anxiety symptoms and panic attacks? i'm having one right now, in fact on average i have one once a day some times they are more severe than others. My anxiety disorder has many triggers, but i guess the one that relates to this forum is an fear of being disfigured by a medical procedure. I think i have body dysmorphia. When i'm anxious, skin picking helps calm me down. i hate this, all i want to do is be able to sleep.
  7. Hi guys, So i met up with a friend with flawless skin who said she had a chemical peel, my dermatologist recommended it, and tomorrow i'm seeing a dermaltherapist who has won many awards to get one. But i'm really petrified!!!!!!!!!! I also have an anxiety disorder which is probably not helping. But i'm just imaging the worst. I'm going to ask for the lowest lowest grade chemical peel and for the shortest time possible. But i'm still scared that i'm going to ruin my face permanently (god forb
  8. The exact same thing happened to me at the exact same age.
  9. @Ivy, i'm not washing my face at all, not with tap water, hot water, cold water. Not at ALL. Sometimes if i accidentally touch my face with tap water, i will rinse that area with filtered water. ------------ Update: After getting a second pimple on my chin, and cyst on my jaw, i almost through my hands up in the air and gave up. But i persevered for the sake of science and curiosity. But it was indeed the week i get the most of my pimples, and it wasn't as bad as i ussually get them. Yesterda
  10. Ok so here is what I did for my drug resistant candida caused by antibiotics. After the first diflucan, My GP in australia told me just to keep taking diflucans twice a week. How could that be an answer ?! I thought. But i took another one and it did NOTHING. Diflucan is flucanozole which was no longer working, and i had long ago become allergic to cloratizmole. So i needed a new drug. So i went to hong kong and saw a GP there, and he prescribed a different anti-fungle that isn't very commonl
  11. Update The skin on my cheeks is still clear, though there are black heads. The little tiny pimples bumps on my forehead have increased. Yesterday i took a bath and accidently touched my forehead and chin skin with water. i rinsed those areas with filtered water. The cysts on my chin that i sterilized with saliva has gone down completely. I went to see my dermatologist and i told him what i was doing. He said there was some truth to what i was doing, because over cleansing your skin will ju
  12. my brother's friend: " you're sister looks good, but she really needs to take better care of her skin" heh if only he knew how much i do.
  13. what a cynical mind, it's beautiful. Personally i believe he had acne, but i do believe that BP is the pits. Not that it doesn't work, it does, but at a hefty price. You must remember he went on accutane + he grew up.
  14. do you have candida? sorry if its personal. Depending on the length of time you have had this accutane may indeed by the answer