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  1. Rule number 1 in my book never ever talk to agirl about her bf or ex bf, your in the friend zone buddy sorry.
  2. Thanks hunn i appreciate it. Hope yu have a good day
  3. basically long story short, i had severe acne yu might be able to tell if my pics show...i got on accutane and it was the best thing i could have done....i will never regret taking accutane my life has improved so much...i still have some scars but nuthn much i can do about that....accutane users GL with ur courses and ppl who are debating! go for it! this is me five months after accutane http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=dr6g8&s=6
  4. hec89


  5. yeah it was a pretty good game..you gotta give me like an email or somethin..ive been banned for the past week

  6. seriously guys think about this for a second...it was a chat room! ppl from across the country, ppl you will never meet, yes its sad for some of you. if you really need to talk to them so bad get there myspace, facebook etc.
  7. uh huh. :rolleyes: :wub: I wasn't agreeing but ok. :clap: haha
  8. move on, life isn't fair. this may be a blessing in disguise for some ppl. Lets be real here.
  9. YO BLESS W^!! yo man whenever i get cravings i just think to myself "are these fries really worth the acne i might get?" i mean are they really woth the suffering you might get? NO...just stay focused man Discipline yourself...GL man!!
  10. say man jus wait a lil bit the dryness will kik in...you might break out a lil but dont worry it will go away soon enough.