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  1. Hey everyone. Not sure if the same people are still hanging out here, but I wanted to drop in and report that I am happily still clear. The scars and discolorations have faded quite a bit within the past year thanks to argan oil, grapeseed oil and the AHA lotion. I still have some pretty bad scarring around the edges of my mouth where I always got the huge cysts, but it's getting better. I might try the needling thing one day, but I'm not sure. Also, I ended my toxic relationship with my ex
  2. That has happened to me as a result of the regimen, too. It's the best feeling when they can't even tell you ever had acne and actually think you have better-than-normal skin! We fought hard to get here. We deserve it! That has happened to me as a result of the regimen, too. It's the best feeling when they can't even tell you ever had acne and actually think you have better-than-normal skin! We fought hard to get here. We deserve it!
  3. That sucks, I'm sorry. Have you thought about talking to your Mom about eating healthier in general, not only for the purposes of acne. What about going with her when she grocery shops and picking out veggies and healthy things for yourself? You could even offer to cook dinner a few nights a week.
  4. Wow, I'm glad you can now eat more foods without the fear of breaking out.... that's a huge accomplishment! I tried raw honey before, but didn't really see a difference. The honey I usually use is the one the comes with the Greek yogurt on the side....I don't know why, but that honey is the best I've tried so far, I've been using it for years with and without yogurt as a face mask. No, I haven't had a reaction to manuka...I only applied it to a few spots to see if I would get a reaction but
  5. It's nice to hear you're staying clear. In what way do you think coffee affected your health? I have a definite addiction and drink a couple of cups a day on weekdays, and I've always wondered if it's bad for my health or acne, but I just haven't come across anything to give me the incentive to quit. They even claim coffee is healthy these days, although I don't believe it. Maybe my coffee habits are one of the reasons I still battle with acne. Here's my theory: Basically, anything t
  6. I'm doing good, thanks! Figured I'd stop by and check in. I still read on the site, I just don't post often because I feel silly saying "still clear" over and over.. what a terrible problem to have I know, lol. I eat pretty much everything now with no problems, although I still steer clear of gluten. I even went out to eat, which was huge for me! I pretty much only break out if I drink a ton of coffee, which I rarely do since I know it causes me problems. Once I eliminated coffee, most of my he
  7. I used it everyday for a long period of time and my face got progressively worse and worse and worse. I'm not saying it's the honey, more likely a lack of proper acne medication. But it certainly didn't heal anything. Not trying to be negative, just don't want you to get your hopes up....
  8. Acne is not "abnormal" in the adult years. It's a very common condition. You just don't see it because people with bad acne tend to hide.
  9. Thanks for saying this because it's my biggest insecurity. Everything you said makes sense. When I look in the mirror, the assymetry of my face seems minor, but in pictures, I feel disturbed by how crooked my face looks. It's a combination of being used to what we see in the mirror but also I think we tend to hold ourselves in the "best possible position" while looking in the mirror to have the best angle and look the prettiest. It's easy to adjust your angle ad look in the mirror in a way that
  10. Keep going! I remember having my last major breakouts between weeks 4 and 6. Things improved a lot for me since then and only continued to get better over the next couple of months. <3
  11. Hey guys! I've been coming here less frequently but I still wanted to update you with anything new. I had a cup of caffeine the other day. And by caffeine I mean the weakest form possible--green tea. Guess what? After almost 2 months with no breakouts (not even a small pimple), I got a painful bump on my chin. I already was fairly sure but at this point there is no doubt in my mind: caffeine is bad, bad news. About a week before that, I had a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie that had so
  12. What's the best way to do oil pulling? I read various methods online, not sure which one is the best. Also, where do you get the tooth powder? I'm currently using baking soda, or just dry brushing and tea tree mouthwash. I use coconut oil and I swish for 15-20 minutes each morning. After a glass of water and BEFORE food. Very important. If you do it on a full stomach, you will vomit up all your food. Trust me--they warn against this and I didn't listen. Eating an alkaline diet helps too. One
  13. Yay! I'm so happy for you! What's WC? Me: I ate a "regular" gluten-free cookie the other day... regular in the sense that it was processed, not organic and contained milk chocolate with soy in it... Probably the most "junk food" type thing I've eaten in years. NO BREAKOUTS! That means my soy sensitivity, at least to small trace amounts, is apparently over now. I fixed myself somehow... It's so good to know that can happen. I wonder if I'm still gluten sensitive. Way too scared to try it
  14. I'll answer your questions best I can: 1. It's best to do fresh juice. Bottled juices are not at all suitable for a cleanse. Don't do it unless you can do fresh juices. I'm not sure about the expensive juicing programs... it seems obvious that they are a total waste of money, but it of course depends on how rich you are. Some people are willing to pay a lot for convenience. If that's you, I'm not judging you. I certainly wouldn't though. 2. You can fast as long as you want, but I got the