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  1. Awesome! I wish I had the courage to go without entirely, but that little part of me that gets excited seeing my face "clear" with makeup covering the acne would kill me, I think Today I bought some anti-acne makeup, but even wearing that will still make me feel like a cop-out.. One of my friends who I can actually talk to about my skin always urges me to go without makeup. I can't tell you how many times I have explained to her that I WISH I COULD. I think everybody knows what I mean th
  2. So today I decided enough was enough, and threw out my MAC makeup. I had the Studio Sculpt foundation and concealer (for too long probably, I've had the same bottle/container of it for over a year now, yikes.), and decided that while my acne wasn't getting much better through other treatments, that perhaps makeup could be the culprit. Afterall, it is a vicious never-ending cycle for those who have acne caused by makeup. Wear makeup, get acne. Cover up acne with more makeup. EXACERBATE ACNE. A
  3. To the person who said "I want to sue life" earlier in this thread, you couldn't be thinking more similarly to me. Had this clump of cystic acne pop up on my chin about three weeks ago and it still isn't leaving me alone..resorting to hydrogen peroxide to kill the little shits, I just couldn't stand the feeling I ahd when I woke up at my boyfriend's house and tried to hide my face from him Other than that, I guess I feel okay...PIH always gettin' me down, but I think that's the same for pret
  4. sephyr

    blah. HP time.

    So today I hit boiling point with these cysts, and decided to use some hydrogen peroxide on them. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing the bubbles and then watch the cyst shrink. I know that hydrogen peroxide can work really well for some people, with reasonable logic behind it - benzoyl peroxide is based on the same thing, and introducing an aerobic environment for the bacteria in the pimple = death to that awful bacteria. Unfortunately, I also know about the free-radical properties etc
  5. sephyr


    massive clump of cystic acne on my chin, one on either side of my chin actually. stuff sucks. I'm not totally sure what I should put this down to, but I think it may be a side effect of going back on the pill. I'm going to stick with it and see if it calms down. but yeah, these cysts. I just ran out of toner a few days after they appeared (handy, I know). So I'm going to make a green tea toner and see how that goes. also going to up my intake of green tea and water, you know, just 'cos.
  6. sephyr


    so I know starting new regimes isn't a good idea, but I seem to have done this now.. (and apologies for not updating regularly!) SO. Last week, my best friend said that her mother (who is a doctor) suggested I try going dairy-free to see if that helped my acne, and if that didn't work, to try going gluten free for a while. The idea of going without cakes and bread and most pasta and biscuits scares me, so I'm opting for dairy-free first, and will carry it on for at least two weeks. Star
  7. Oh man, this was me at the start of this week. Right on the corner of my mouth too, and it seems to have turned into some community.. I rushed off to buy some more Brevoxyl 4, hoping that will kill it somewhat.. I can't help but get down when I wake up and find something like this.
  8. So got some pretty bad cystic acne right now.. and my skin has gradually been getting worse for the last few weeks. I went to the doctor to organise an appointment with a derm, I just have to ring them tomorrow to sort it all out. EUGH! This is one of those times where I lose all faith. You know, sometimes I think that there should be a certain number of good reviews allowed per product. Seeing everybody else's success with the same items just makes me more upset when it turns out to be a
  9. sephyr

    3rd/ 4th week

    Hey, sorry i didn't write last week. it was my birthday, got a bit hectic there. Although, I should mention that 3rd week(birthday week), my skin became very VERY dry. Not sure if this is my skin adjusting to me using BP again or if it's just the winter air drying me up, but I'm keeping up my fluids and the flaxseed oil so it's under control now. Skin is looking average so far. To be positive, I guess it hasn't gotten worse at all, and my parents seemed to think it was looking better (wis
  10. sephyr

    first week

    So a little bit to update, although I'm not changing the layout of my regime; Went to this place my mum goes to often, to get my lip waxed on the weekend (and yes, yes, I know. waxing facial hair when you've got acne is NOT the brightest idea but the lady/therapist who is my regular there said my skin seems to cope fine with it, so I do keep going there.). Pretty much as soon as I got there, my therapist asked me about my skin and what I was doing to help it. I explained my regime to her, a
  11. sephyr


    fair to say my last attempt at keeping a blog was dismal, so here's hoping the fact that my last post was 2 years ago won't impact me too badly.. Tried a ridiculous amount of treatments since then, which no doubt my skin will be LOVING me for. Mostly natural remedies, as I didn't want to kill my skin off with harsh chemicals. ACV, BP, baking soda, OCM with EVOO for a while (which was just a nightmare..oh god. Just remembering it..), not to mention drinking huge amounts of water and green tea.
  12. God, I feel this. Didn't go to uni yesterday or today because of how down I was feeling about my skin. A friend text me asking if I was going to a lecture and I said I was feeling 'a bit average'. Understatement doesn't begin to cover it there...
  13. "Why us?" I know it's selfish, and I shouldn't let it affect me so much, but I was thinking exactly that this morning. My skin is so bad today that I stayed home, didn't go to university. I can't help crying when I look in the mirror today. I wish there was something to make me stronger about it but lately everything I try has done nothing. How do you guys remain so strong? I'm a wreck.
  14. I don't know about anyone else, but olive oil seemed like a godsend as far as red mark treatment goes. Right there, in the kitchen? Easy. If only it gave the results that people have written about here though..not breaking me out so crazily. The whole breaking me out thing is putting me off EVOO, I've been using it for a few days now and a whole army of little white heads has popped up everywhere not ideal when my skin was getting better before the EVOO, and all I wanted was a red marks treat