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  1. My brother calls me an OCD freak when it comes to my face. Ever since my acne started, I get irritated when somebody touches my face, accidentally or not. I hate it when somebody sleeps on my bed or hugs my pillows.. just anything that makes my bed dirty makes me go crazy.. That's why I always made sure that I wash my pillow cases every other week or once a week.
  2. same thing... I never went out w/o make up on, as I am always conscious with my acne scars. So knowing that i'll be living with a bunch of girls in my dorm makes me really nervous esp that I can't cover my face with make up 24/7. If it's just a couple of scars then I wouldn't be bothered, but I have like loads of them on my cheeks and forehead. I want to have fun and enjoy my college life, but somehow I have this feeling that my situation will just hold me back. I have a day to go before colle
  3. I hope you'll feel better. I do share the same experiences and feelings as you. Whenever I go to my dermatologist, I don't wear any make up so that he can clearly see the condition of my skin. After that, if my dad suggests to go drop by some place, I would either stay inside the car, or go out with him. Though whenever I'm out, I always have to bow my head down as not to see if someone is staring at my acne scars or not. It makes a difference emotionally when I wear make up coz at least I can l
  4. My ex boyfriend has a flawless skin as well. A little blemish here and there, but it isn't as bad as my acne which is like moderate-severe. Whenever I get cystic acne, he would tell me to take care of my face, and if he sees that I'm conscious about it, he'll say that he understands and that people go through that. Somehow, it makes me happy but I couldn't get pass through my low self esteem. I knew that having to suffer from acne affected our relationship somehow coz I would refuse to go out o
  5. Neutrogena Facial Wipes then I follow up with my cleanser. I normally double cleanse as I feel like the wipes aren't enough.
  6. ^ how long before your red marks (the ones before your recent ones) disappeared? I'm on the same dilemma coz my cheeks are almost covered with red marks..
  7. I've tried it before. But since I have very oily skin, and BB cream is a liquid type of make up, my face looks shiny after a few hours. Another problem I have with it is that the color tends to be really light and are catered towards really pale skinned Asians. I am an NC 30 with mac, and the colors of the bb creams make me look like a ghost somewhat. Though the good thing about BB creams are they make your skin really flawless and even toned. As far as making it worst, depends really how your s
  8. Usually it takes me 20-30min w/o eye make up. Putting concealer on eats so much of my time since I have a lot of acne scarring which I totally hate.
  9. I am using a turmeric cream for a month now, but haven't seen any results. I apply it every morning if I am not going out as it leaves a yellow stain behind, and sometimes I do apply it at night. I'll stick to it til the I ran out of the tube.. hopefully something good happens afterwards...
  10. I have a lot of red marks left from my moderate-severe acne. My doctor kept saying it'll go away in 3 months, but it's almost 3 months and the only good thing that happened is that the scars did lighten by a bit. Though after he said that, I was sure mine wouldn't go away in 3 months coz my skin scars badly. I'm pale.. so my red marks show up very clearly. I'm tired of putting make up whenever I go out as well. I feel horrible that I disguise my skin problem, but I can't be confident enough to g
  11. ^ actually my doctor suggested me to take probiotics too with my antibiotics. though currently, i don't take probiotic capsules, but instead, yogurt.
  12. ehytee7


    if you use AHA and never experienced stinging sensation, does that mean it's not working for you?
  13. I feel your dilemma as I used to be on the same situation months ago. After I hit my early 20's my used to be really mild acne started to go haywire that it affected me emotionally and socially. So after 10 months of self medicating my acne, I decided to just see a dermatologist since the acne just gets worst and worst. I had a series of blood tests done by my dermatologist and endocrinologist, and they both came up to a conclusion that I have hormonal imbalance. My dermatologist prescribed me w
  14. I'm taking Doxy, and I've noticed shortness of breath which would last for a few hours. Should I be bothered by it, or is it a normal side effect on taking Doxy?