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  1. Pretty! I know the event has past, but you should really look into Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. Fyrinnae is an indie makeup company with loads of pretty shades - Pixie Epoxy is their "glue" to help shadows adhere onto the lid (making them more vibrant, and helps glitter adhere), although you can use it on your face too. As far as I know, Fyrinnae was the first company to do this, but there are a couple more which have similar products now as well. If you want something available in stores, Too Faced
  2. Everyday Minerals used to be quite good, but they do have some bad business practices - They changed formulas without warning, broke quite a few promises, etc. I'm not going to go too much into detail, but the quality of the makeup seems to have gone downhill a bit. Personally, their foundation never worked for me. It was really chalky and dry - I tried Intensive and Matte - And neither provided adequate coverage. I found Lucy Minerals has a very full coverage foundation. You need VERY little
  3. Silk Naturals has a pore refining toner: http://host.silknaturals.com/creb/pore-ref...oner-p-818.html I haven't tried it myself though, so I can't comment on how well it works.
  4. The oil control of the medium formula is better than Meow or adorned with Grace's foundations for me, but still not great. I agree though, the customer service is simply fab
  5. I swatched it at the drugstore. The edges of the roller creates VERY obvious streaks.
  6. Silk Naturals perhaps? http://host.silknaturals.com/creb/information.php?info_id=4 As the name suggests, it isn't all vegan - though they do have a decent, and growing selection of vegan items, including foundation, lippies and eyeshadows. The weekly gift with purchase is always vegan.
  7. This is copied and pasted from another forum I frequent. All credits go to the user "Ann".
  8. I love this stuff! I'm approx. 3 Buttery Gold : 17 Ivory in medium coverage. Mixing isn't difficult at all; JenW, the colour expert on the forums, is great at helping with your recipe. It looks really light in the jar, but it really isn't. Another plus: I don't look like a ghost with this foundation like I do with most MMU.
  9. For me, very bad. It itched like crazy, and this only got worse the longer I wore it - In the beginning it would only be a mild tingling, but after over 2 years of use, I wanted to claw my face off. It gave me huge cystic acne which took forever to go away. Although the new Matte formula doesn't contain Bismuth (the irritating ingredient), it's still way overpriced. It was WAY too orange for me. This was especially evident in natural light. My boyfriend at the time thought I had highlighter on
  10. Congrats on finding something which works I find Silk Naturals to be pretty sweat proof as well. I've worked out in it a few times, and my MMU still looks good post-workout. I used both BE and EDM before, and BE irritated my skin so much, I wanted to scratch my face off. EDM slid off my face even on a normal autumn day. You seem interested in MMU, you should consider joining us at http://www.87px.net/mmf/. It's a (mostly) mineral makeup board 600+ strong.
  11. I'm currently using Silk Naturals (www.silknaturals.com). You get a coloured powder in your undertone and a white base, and you mix your perfect shade yourself - this definitely relieves worries about finding a foundation match online. They have original, medium and heavy coverage in their original silk formula, and a vegan formula which has light to medium coverage if you prefer not to use silk. Mixing the foundation is really easy, and although it looks light in the jar, it looks perfect on my
  12. EDM announced that they would be discontinuing the kits sometime last year because of "resellers". A lot of people stocked up on their favourites; some purchased several kits to get the most out of the deal. After a couple months, they decided to keep the kits, which angered some people for being duped into buying mass quantities, though the reaction was mostly relief. Then, without warning, the kits were taken away with the new website. Instead of the kits, there are now "beauty perks". Purch
  13. I personally did not like the EDM sample foundations I tried. It looked very chalky to me, and had no staying power on my super oily skin. While I personally will not be purchasing from them again (check out the link Clen provided for details - EDM's business practices have been quite lacking lately), I do enjoy the brushes from them I do have. The EDM brushes themselves are quite nice, but a cheaper, and just as great option is the ELF Studio line. I absolutely adore my ELF Studio Powder Brush
  14. Ehh, BareMinerals is still overpriced... It may be bismuth free, but I still wouldn't buy it. There's next to no information out there on the effects of Lauroyl Lysine in the long run -- it's very new. The high amount of silica suggests it'd be good for oil control though. I'd rather get my MMU from Silk Naturals, Meow, adored with Grace, or the various other options available on the net nowadays. By the way: EDM has started adding Lauroyl Lysine in just about all of their newer products, so i
  15. Just apply a concealer which matches your skin tone. If your skin is generally pretty even, with the exception of a zit or two, then just concealer is fine - no need for foundation. Cream concealers tend to give pretty good coverage, and are pretty easy to work with. With the different "coatings": Certain colours will neutralize others. For example, green or yellow will lessen the appearance of red. These colour correctors can be used alone or underneath a flesh toned concealer or foundation. A