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  1. It will definitely get better, i'm on day 5 myself and haven't seen an initial break out yet but my theory is that when your skin first dries out all the acne that was already forming comes out faster due to the new irritation of dried skin, in 1-2 weeks when it subsides you should see nothing but steady improvement. Personally I would look to raise the dosage above 20, especially if the side effects are few. Good luck.
  2. I think there could be many advantages to this and i'm not sure if it's been tried or thought about before. The advantages would be great for people with sensitive skin such as me. I have been using the acne.org regimen for 2-3 years and still can't use even the half dose without getting red and irritated skin, I am not allergic as several areas on my face are very resistant. It is extremely hard to find a proper amount of BP and at what times to apply, and I really think that if say a
  3. I've suffered from acne for many years and have reduced it from what was moderate-severe cystic acne to now to a very rare cyst/nodule and a few small pimples. It's probably mainly due to the fact that i'm 21 now rather than anything else, I do use the Daniels bp method but my skin is very sensitive so i can only afford to do it once a day, this is after 1-2 years, my skin has built no resistance. So i was looking for another source and b5 seems to be the best option as i have strange c
  4. It'll be fine, don't skip tomorrow carry on as normal unless you get a headache or something, 60mg is still not a very large dose I doubt you will notice anything at all. I'm of course not a doctor but people get worried way too easily.
  5. Yeh sorry I apologize, I just can't imagine that scenario at all it's ridiculous. just get rid of him seriously, maybe report him as well, is that even legal?
  6. Could be the sun, you turn red very easily on bp from my experience.
  7. might as well join in, right now i have about 5-10 small pimples on my forehead 1 in my temple bout 5 on each cheek and 1 cyst on jawline and neck, its about day 3-4 i forget il say 3.
  8. I never had an IB on Differin, it also cleared most of my face except for my chin, and made my face greasy all the time somehow.
  9. You could take more than that and be fine, it's definitely safe. take it with food because it's fat soluble and taking zinc with it improves absorption.
  10. lolies

    shaving with acne

    my advice would be keep trimming and don't shave, that's what I do because shaving always ends up making my skin worse.
  11. Showering often caused my face to get too dry, the heat of the shower and the face being wet for too long caused dryness for me a lot. To get over it I don't let the shower water touch my face at all when i'm in there, shave with an electric trimmer, and wash my face afterwards in the sink very carefully. Worked for me but if you really want to shave instead of use a trimmer it could be a problem.
  12. just received my 16oz and it's just as great as the last one, applies smooth and easy and doesn't burn more than the old one.
  13. I've come to the conclusion that if you get any effect it's because of the mental state of mind and/or placebo effect.