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  1. VERY LOW..NO WAY A 6..maybe like a 3.. I think you could probably clear it up completely with some natural remidies or a topical treatment. I wouldn't even notice it on you at first glance...Promise!
  2. what you see in this picture is after the use of Birth Control Pills. which did clear most of it. Before the BCP it was 10x worse. I want to come off the pills though..
  3. Hi. I am new to this board. In a nutshell, I am 31 years old. I've always had very mild acne especially around my period, but 6 months after I gave birth to my son I've developed pretty bad acne on my cheeks. I've been to several dermatologist that say this is hormonal. I've never had my hormones tested yet.. I've tried antibiotics which did not work and in a desperate attempt I went back on birth control pills (othro tri cyclin). It has helped about 50%. I have lots of dark spots that t
  4. cam's mom

    My Journey

    I believe my acne is hormonal due to the fact that I had a baby 14 months ago and the break outs started about 6 months ago. I am currently using Benzaclin and decided to go back on birth control (Orto Tri Cyclin) out of desperation. I have seen a 50% improvement but really do not want to be on birth control pills. Just dreading major breaking out again.