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  1. O.k, I haven't read back very far in this post, but I'm wondering- have any girls out there tried this with any results?
  2. Thanks everyone! t, let me know if your skin clears up again when you stop. And Mr. Crab, did your skin clear up from all the apples after awhile?
  3. snkr, I just put up a post with the same problem! I'm glad I found this, at least I'm not the only one disappointed with ACV after hearing so many "miracles!" Good luck, and keep me posted- I'm hoping since you posted about a week before me, that you're out of the "detox phase" as I call it! I'm gonna stick with it too, thanks everyone!
  4. Hmm, I just answered another post about ACV and it got me thinking, not having the bottle in front of me, does Braggs recommend 2 tablespoons, or 2 teaspoons in 8 oz of water?
  5. I've been putting 2 tsp. in 8 oz. of water... that's what Braggs recommends, but I've only been drinking it once a day to start. Blah, I think I have to get used more used to the taste before I can stomach anymore! I'm interested to see if I experience any weight loss too, makes sense that you could if it does indeed clean out your insides. Let me know what you think of the ACV... I just put a post up today as well... I'm not sure I'm seeing any positives quite yet. Oops, 2 TBS, not 2 tsp.
  6. Hello! After reading all the rave reviews of ACV, I went out and bought a bottle of Braggs. I started taking 50/50 shots (half ACV, half water in a shot glass), then increased to the recommended 2 tbs. in 8 oz. water a few days later. Now, about a week later, I am having a horrible flair-up! My skin had been pretty decent recently (it has been a fantastic season for blueberries where I live, so I've been eating them like candy... possible cause for improvement?! eh, that's another post, h
  7. Perhaps he wants to be a dermotologist when he grows up?! (and yes, you will find someone who is grown up... good luck hun!)
  8. Hello redfoxhound, great question! I work as a CSR at an insurance agency (I'm actually there right now, ha!) and I haaaate it. Therefore, the stress and misery is most likely the cause of my recent flare-ups. For those of us office dwellers or others stuck inside, I always try to get a quick 5 min. walk in twice a day when I take down/pick up the mail. I just read an article today about the possible benefits of "unfiltered" sun on skin/acne, mood, health, ect. (I do realize that TOO much
  9. Try wrapping an ice cube in a wet washcloth... it's still cold, but not as intense.
  10. Has anyone ever tried this, or something similar? (found on Shine.com) Push Out The Dirt With A Laxative Facial user Here’s a different kind of poop facial. Swiss Kriss is an herbal laxative that’s been around forever and includes flakes of dried senna leaves, licorice root, fennel, dandelion, peppermint, and peach leaves. (I keep wanting to call is Swiss Miss, but the taste is sooo far away from that.) Today I noticed on the box (uhm, that you know, was in my friend‘s medicine cabinet)
  11. Thanks Siava, I was actually wondering how and where to correctly place the post... is it just a step I missed before I posted? ~*alicia
  12. Hello all! After visiting this site quite a bit, I figured I might as well sign up and join in. I recently switched to Colorescience make-up. Due to it being ridiculously expensive, I only bought two of the many products the gal tried on me, the Wild to Mild primer and the Corrector kit. Just like a new haircut, I loved it when I left the spa but just couldn't get it quite right when I tried it myself. I use a make-up sponge for the primer and brushes for the corrector, but I just don't