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  1. Worst part for me is the dry red face and dry lips. To resolve them i apply 15 spf lip balm with moisturizer in it also a neutrogena oil free moisturizer for my face and keep out the sun or cover up. Other than that i love it so far, i have moderate persistent acne and it really is fantastic stuff! Also has cleared up my inflamed pimples on my chest and back
  2. 1. 2x day 7am and 7pm 2. 20mg x2 times a day 3. drink it with milk 4. about 2 small ones a day
  3. ^^^ Im the same it's really horrible especially when you have the red face to go with it, everyone always asks if im alright i just have to shrug it off and just says it's really hot in here. almost as bad as the acne for me!
  4. If the derms recommend it i would say you should be alright. But from my experiences i have been on accutane for 3 weeks and i just started to use retin A, after 3 days my skin was extremely sensitive, dry, flaky and red from it. But my post acne hyper pigmentation has faded considerably from just 3 days of it, so i would see how you react.
  5. Your blood sugar levels rise rapidly, to bring blood sugar levels down your body excretes hormones, particularly insulin and other androgenic hormones which lead to imbalanced and excess hormones and so on......