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  1. You were disappointed with traditional? How come? Iv heard good things about traditional mostly, although they have a higher chance of side effects. I just really want to do one big laser resurfacing instead of multiple fractinal. Since I am not going to be able to keep getting time off work.
  2. Oh thank you for the info! I am going to talk to him about that then. I really want to go hard core. I have a high pain tolerance. he seemed like an understanding guy. So hoping he will work with me here. If though Id MUCH prefer the traditional laser, i think its going to be hard to find a doctor who wil do it. But i have to start somewhere!
  3. That makes sense. I actually kinda figured that. They get more money from me coming back. But I did tell the doctor, i needed to do this now due to me being in between jobs and dont know when i will get more time off. And I have tried EVERYTHING for my scars. Subsicion and lasers seem to be only effect thing for my skin :-/. My appt for the " fractional " laser is next thursday. Wonder if I should call him and ask him if theres any possibilty we can do tradtional instead.
  4. How come it's SOOO difficult to find a doctor who performs the traditional CO2 ablative laser? I have looked across my state and cant find any doctors who do the traditional, not fractional laser. I really have been wanting to try it, despite its risk. Anyone know of a way of finding a dr who will do the traditional laser? Or does anyone know a doctor in the state of Florida who performs it? Any help is deeply appreciated
  5. Really? you dont think so? I was thinking that as well. Doesn't seem like it could be possible. I go see my dermatologist tomorrow and let her know what i did :(. I definitly will NOT be doing that again though.
  6. Hey guys, So a few weeks ago, I started using self tanning products for the first time. The first choice was the neutrogena build a tan i picked up at Walmart. I put it on at night, The next morning, i wake up to an absolutely deep beautiful glow. Ill admit it was a little orangery, but it really worked well for me. I was getting so many compliments from people. as someone who suffers from confidence issues, this was really exciting for me. Anyway, after several weeks of using the product, i n
  7. Hey guys, I did something incredibly stupid recently. I am beating myself up pretty bad from it. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had a microneedling session. It was on a friday. And for some reason, i have no clue what posessed me to do this, I went to the tanning bed that sunday. Any I feel like since I did that, it created massive scarring for me. Scars that were not there before. I asked several people about this, and they all said they have not noticed it being any different. So I dont know if
  8. You guys really don't think there that bad? I cringe at the sight of em. And certain lighting- forget it. Whenever I look like at a car window, I look like the swamp monster from planet mars. The big thing I noticed as well is the texture/tone of my skin. What would you guys recommend for that? Laser? I am really bothered by it so any help is really appreciated .
  9. Hey guys, I am VERY self concious about my scars. I work in customer service, so i ALWAYS feel people are just looking at them. And it always makes me look down, and avoid at looking people in the eye. Its very disheartening to me. I had severe acne for 10 ish years. So I just wanted to know, what type of scars do you see? And what would you treatment do you think would be most beneficial? I went to a plastic surgereon and he recommended either Fillers, Excision, dermabrasion, or lasers. Wha
  10. Iv heard a lot of people do use retin- A after their accutane course. I have about 3 weeks left of my accutane. I actually plan on asking my doctor about retin a when i see him again.
  11. Your story is very similar to mine. I am a 21 year old ( turning 22 in 2 weeks ) and i am " Almost " done with a 5 months accutane course. I, too, was on 80 MG/day. My side effects were pretty mild UNTIL this last months. They really started to get bad. My doc even asked me if i wanted to half my dose the last months, and i said no haha. I agree that the pain is worth it in the end. Especially since i have struggled with acne for almost 10 years. I actually finish my course week after my birthda
  12. Hey guys, I am trying to find a milk subsitute,. And i was wondering if coconut milk was acne friendly?