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  1. The only advice i can suggest is to change your attitude on what you can and can't do. As you mentioned paralyzed people literally get their lives fucked. where as you? in time things will get better i am sure but if you don't change your attitude your just stopping yourself for when that time happens. Please try and listen to my advice. Good luck bro.
  2. goes without saying but the only reason i dislike having pale skin is because of the way in which red marks stand out horribly.. Other than that i have no issues
  3. YESS i have noticed exactly the same. what the hell is going on? literally the same months as you stated.. If we react worse to cold weather seasonal change maybe we can counter balance it some how? Like im not sure?
  4. Accepting the situation is my best advice. The whole acne situation is a joke its not fair but hell we've got to bite the bullet. Try distracting yourself with other things relax concentrate on things your good at or things you love. Good luck
  5. I think your right in a way adulthood helps alot but the fact that its holding you back still is a bitch sometimes. I can ignore it well but its still there baby
  6. Its a joke how ruthless some people can be when it comes to such an important factor in ones life. I wish you the best of luck in the future.
  7. If i were to use strong sunsceen all the time and not delve too much time in the sun will it greatly reduce the chances in me burning? I can't not go in the sun yet i don't want to burn badly as i know with acne this is terrible( happened before) Thanks in advance for any replies X
  8. Thanks for the feedback people appreciated!
  9. Nope i haven't Sorry. Names pretty random really no meaning behind it at all lol Anyone got any feedback on clean and clear and the kits they offer? Peacee
  10. Should i drink filtered/bottled water? thank you in response to anyone who answers muchley appreciated! =)
  11. 'I seen it advertised and there is nothing on Google/C&C website about it. However, I did purchase it, lol' thats made my day lol! and Sorry I don't know anything about it
  12. Well I am a student I am poor. The story of my life it seems To the point why is eating healthy so damm expensive!??/ I enjoy eating healthy although it may or may not have an effect on my acne, it is in my opinion essential to eat healthy to mantain good sense of 'your trying to get rid of this dam acne'/guilt trip and to stop over people judging you. Aka you can tell they probably judge you on eating a chocolate bar for example just like someone overweight would be. Now to the point I mean