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  1. So I've been on the regimen almost 4 months now and I just added AHA to my regimen about 5 days ago. I've been using in the morning every day in place of my moisturizer, which had some AHA in it already (Neutragena Healthy Skin). But I've been getting seemingly more acne since I started, so far two small cysts have come and gone, a white head, and a bunch of clogged pores and red bumps, all within the 5 days. I'm assuming this is part of the purge that comes with AHA, so I'm wondering how l
  2. I tried using it twice a day, but it was too much and with the moisturizer, just made my face burn and miserable. So far, using it once a night seemed to be working well enough. At the very least, most of the more severe acne is gone.
  3. So it's been 3 months since I first started the regimen, and I have to say, it has helped a lot. Before I used to constantly have clusters of whiteheads, and sometimes even cysts on my face, it was pretty terrible. But now, all of that are pretty much gone. However, one thing that I have been noticing, is that I'm getting a lot of clogged pores and under-skin bumps more often than ever before. I'd get a few every week and it's kind of annoying. I'd usually have on average, 3-5 of these on m
  4. I'm bumping this again cause I'm getting more acne under the eye in the baggy area. Does anyone know what's causing this?
  5. Has anyone ever felt, that the better and clearer your face gets, you become more self conscious of your facial condition. Even though you're improving, you just psychologically begin to pick more at the little imperfections such as a pimple or a bump here and there, even if before you had clusters of them covering your face. It just seems to me like the harshest judge of you is yourself.
  6. So over the weekend, I'm found a few small red acne bumps had popped up in the delicate area under my eyes. I've never had any problem with that area before, does anyone have any idea what couldve caused this? I've also loaded some BP on it to take care of the acne, should I be doing that?
  7. Is stopping BP application absolutely needed? Because I'd rather not risk having bigger breakouts while being off BP.
  8. My face has been fairly red lately, and I'm not sure if everything's going well or not. I've been on the regime for about three weeks now and I have fairly bad redness going on. I started the regime after coming off of Clindoxyl for about a month. My regime has been 1.5 pumps for the first and second week, 2 pumps for the third week, and now I've brought it back down to 1 pump. I then use Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion in the morning. But my face is also covered with red patches then, and it fe
  9. I'm not sure as to what counts as an actual acne breakout. Does one or two pimples count as one? Is is it more serious?
  10. I was on Clindoxyl for about a month and it was improving my acne. But I was finding it far too expensive, $60 for a tube that lasts less than a month. I decided to switch to Dan's BP and I just received my batch two days ago. I started using it since then and so far, it seems like my acne's getting a bit worse. Does anyone know if this is just the initial outbreak from switching? Or if its something else. Also, since Clindoxyl does have some BP in it, should I start with just one pump? Or g