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  1. It was manageable I guess but I would get really bad breakouts that would just tear me apart. I would have new pimples nearly everyday and the occasional cyst. I'm 75kg and was on a 60 MG dose.
  2. Very rarely will go through 1 course of accutane. Here are my answers POST SECOND course. When did your facial redness go away? Gradually fading - unnoticeable after 1 month post When did your chapped lips go away? Gradually during 2 weeks post What was your routine/regime following the completion of your course? Same as during. Cleanse and moisturize with CETAPHIL What was it two months after you finished your course? I'm guessing this question is asking how your skin was 2 months post? An
  3. I got a henna tattoo on holiday and it blistered and now i've got a fat scar on my arm!
  4. Hey Penguin22, Getting clear on roaccutane is slow but consistent. 1st course went a little like this: Month 1: Not much change Month 2: Mild change Month 3: Mild change Month 4: Nearly clear Month 5: 1 or 2 not really noticeable pimples Month 6: Clear Stayed clear for a few months then relapsed. 2nd course went like: Month 1: Significant change Month 2: Almost clear Month 3: Clear Month 4: Very clear Month 5: So clear you could see my brain har har not really but I was loving life by this p
  5. Hi everyone! I haven't posted on this website in along time for obvious reasons, don't get me wrong though this website did give me a lot of aspiration when my acne was pretty bad. I'll try explain my life story in just a few sentences. I went through my first course JUNE07 - had clear skin for a few months, then tried other remedies and boy do I wish I just went back on roaccutane. Second course started in AUG09 - skin cleared up in 2 months and have been clear ever since. Bottom line: Those
  6. I would recomend using ACV and olive, cleared up my red marks significantly in 1 week.
  7. I noticed 2nd course worked faster for me, and side effects are alot weaker (probably cause our body recognises the drug). Hopfully these are our last courses aye!
  8. 1. Tone with 1 part ACV, 1 part water 2. Use olive oil as moisterizer At night only. Morning make sure you use a sunscreen, because the sun makes red marks worse.
  9. dude check out the shaving thread. 1. Submerse your face in moderately warm water for 1 minute. 2. Foam with Gillete hydrating gell. 3. Use a TWO blade razor 4. Shave WITH the grain 5. Moisterize after
  10. I took them at the same time at dinner for a few days and noticed my skin wasn't as dry??
  11. Hey Jonima could you describe to me how you're using the olive oil? thanks
  12. Hi, I take 2 x 20mg of Accutane everyday. I'm just wondering would it be better to take them at the same time with the fatiest meal of the day? OR take them seperate with meals throughout the day? Thanks
  13. Hey Jessie, I'm male and from Australia so it may differ to your situation slightly. Go to the doctor and asked to be refered to a dermatologist, you can't see one without a referral. The derm will assess your skin and if you're put on Accutane you will need to take a blood test to confirm that everything's okay. The blood test results get sent the the derm and they sent out the prescription by mail. Hope that helped abit.
  14. I am one of those who would also like to know. I'm 1 month into treatment on friday and decided to do something about these damn red marks. ACV looks promising but will also look into that emu oil as per previous reply. Will definately be keeping an eye on this thread.
  15. optive works for me, morning and night and sall good.