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  1. Hey guys, are there any substitutes or alternatives to Herbal Logix's creme? I doubt Shopper's will have more of these in stock, so I'm now looking for any good alternatives that does similiar things. If any one has any suggestions, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys, I haven't posted in these forums for quite some time. I have read about Herbal Logix in the past in these forums and heard that it was good, so I bought a bottle for $7 CDN. It smelt good and it did a good job of reducing redness (like I was told), and it made scars disappear. It also was good at concealing acne spots since the white stuff dried quickly and was almost colorless. So I finally used up my second bottle (3 months for each one), and I went to Shopper's Drug Mart (Canadian
  3. About the tea tree oil, do I drink it or do I apply it on the infected areas? And does it really work that good? Are there any side effects or cons to using tea oil? I don't want to aggravate my skin further by making it more itchy or redder. Thanks again guys!
  4. Okay, so I took a closer look and I noticed I have 5 small white dots on my redness on my nose. I also noticed this big zit that is sort of white but isn't really. All of these dots are on the part that is really red, which is about the size of a US quarter. I also noticed there aren't any pores and this thing looks like one huge-ass zit. It's so disgusting. I don't know if these are bad signs or if it's a good thing. My nose looks really bad right now BTW.
  5. Alright guys, today I bought myself a bottle of "Spectro Jel" and I don't know if I should use it to wash my face 2 times a day or 3. My acne on my right side of my nose is REALLY bad and I'm not exaggerating. It is very red in color and I can see/feel 2 big lumps on the side (pimples). Is there any quick way to reduce the redness and the huge pimples in a week's time? Thanks
  6. Just a few days ago I noticed redness on the right side of my nose and on my tip. If I just touch it, I would feel some slight pain. If you're wondering they stick out alot and are very obvious. They are red and shiny and it's REALLY annoying and frustrating. For about a month, I just washed my face in the morning and before I go to bed. I just use a bar of soap and use that for my face. I didn't bother buying more olf those OTC products so I just stuck with soap since it's cheaper and lasts a
  7. So a 4 days ago I noticed a small red spot on my tip of my nose, and I didn't think much about it, but it got bigger and worse. Today the red spot has turned to a big, red shiny zit. I looked closer and it looks like there is a single hair that's clogging it. I picked at it with my nail but I couldn't get it out. What's worse is I still have an acne scar for this huge zit I got on my nose 3 years ago, and this new one is right above it! I wash my face twice a day. In the morning I use, C&C
  8. Well, since I live in Canada I usually just go to Shoppers Drug Mart. I may buy some kind of Neutrogena product and maybe SpectroGel. I'm always under stress, and it stinks but I'm just like that. I guess that maybe the case. But I remember back in junior high (like 5-6 years ago), I sometimes had stressful times and I never had acne or breakouts. My skin got a bit oily here and there but nothing to worry about. It's when I hit 10th grade, I started breaking out almost everyday, and the zits di
  9. I heard that taking Vitamin B5 will make your body produce less oil...is this true?
  10. Thanks for replying guys! So, I should just get that product you mentioned to stop my body from producing so much oil? Will it work and if so, how long does this usually take before I see some results? Is this type of product available in Canada? I heard using bathing soap can cause problems too....is this true? I use "Ivory" branded soap and use that on my face when I shower. It's okay and doesn't cause any problems (at least none that I know of) and it gets rid of the oil for that day. I thi
  11. Hey guys, I haven't posted here for quite some time but felt I needed to try to get some help since I'm getting worried as each day passes. Okay, I have tried someone's Clean & Clear regimen back in October of last year and have stopped using it around December. It cleared away red marks and stuff on upper lip and on my chin and it looks a lot better now (though it's not completely gone). Right now, I am just using the Clean & Clear Blackhead scrub and it's only "okay". It doesn't get
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. I haven't tried Dan's regimen, only Botchla's Clean and Clear regimen. I may give it a try, seeing as you guys think it works. Is his BP gel availabe in Canada by any chance? What I do right now is wash my face 2-3 times a day. Once in the morning, maybe the afternoon and once more before I sleep. I am currently using Clearasil Deep Cleanser wash, Dalacin-T solution, and sometimes Herbal Logix. I don't know why the oil and zits aren't going away even after spendin
  13. Okay here is a little background story I want to share with you that happened in September of this year. I noticed redness on the right side of my nose and a HUGE cyst broke out from that area. Not even a week later, the left side of nose had redness and a little zit popped up and was quite obvious. I immediately went to Shopper's and bought C&C blackhead scrubs and continous control and tried that. It cleared away other zits and eventually the right side was completely gone with a little s