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  1. its been 6 years since i left acne.org,because my skin is cleared now..i suggest you try isotretinion..give it a shot..you will not regret it :-)
  2. im taking 10mg a day,the only side effects is dry lips,,it cost 1500 pHp per box here in Philippines...
  3. I've been taking low dose accutane on and off for over a years...it keeps my oily skin at bay..
  4. demaguil


    Is it doing anything? Any side effects?
  5. demaguil


    i've been taking low dose of accutane for oily skin,,
  6. while on accutane im using J&J top to toe wash,neutrogena fine fairness UV moisture spf 50 and aloe vera gel for redmarks,it works!
  7. last year i took accutane 10mg daily without my doctor's prescription and i had great success result..,if u want minimal side effects low dose is the answer )
  8. i masturbate 3-4x a day lol,no wonder why my face is so oily!
  9. LOL,do not exfoliate the pimple it only make it worst.
  10. your best option is accutane..
  11. Thats the first step lol Yeh there annoying arnt they i dont know what the hell to do about it. Ive got two now and another just popped up, the two have been lurking now for over two months with no change. Squeezing is definatley not the solution there too deep anyway and would make a hell of a mess. Whiteheads and pustules are bad enough but at least they go away these things just lurk. i agree with you :-)