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  1. I haven't noticed any kind of negative reaction to it. I eat a peanut butter sandwich every morning and have been doing so for months. I'm sure eating too much could be bad, à la Marlon Brando.
  2. What I said was a reality check. What you said was needless obscenity. I haven't seen anyone mad around here but you. Settle down lady, life's too short to be so destructively mad all the time. It's not attractive. Learn to love.
  3. Every time I see a thread with such a ridiculous title I can't help but click through. First of all you're quite naive, I had to stop very early in your post because eating any wheat based breakfast, especially Weetbix (or anything similar!) would break me out intensely on my forehead. Please rename this post 'Ultimate *personal* acne cure'. And remove 90 percent of the capitals... you're not selling anything.
  4. The more frequent washing could be doing harm. It ruins the pH balance of your skin and can cause irritation and dryness. Lurk the forum a little longer and check out the sticky topics at the top of the page. I'll help you if I can because I can tell you're feeling down. Can you give us more details of your diet? EDIT: Those sticky topics are far from the best posts I've seen on this forum. Can someone link him to the good ones? I'm going to bed. 2:33am.
  5. Couldn't agree more. It's just that posts like this with misinformation are really damaging because unlike our wise, experienced selves.. there are new users who take a lot of notice and could be sent in the wrong direction. This is why I think people should lurk for at least a month in the nutrition and holistic health section before posting.
  6. Update: I started taking 4 grams of 100% ascorbic acid daily. After three or so days of this I noticed an increased number of breakouts. Discontinued use. Must be allergic.
  7. Thank you!

  8. Yeah... hilarious. Making all the naive users piss on their own face. Well done. Acne can only be cured from the inside, nothing you put on your face will cure your condition, only perhaps mask the symptom and (sometimes) irritate the skin.
  9. Happy birthday! :D

  10. Would this be more beneficial than just drinking the juice alone? Just wondering...
  11. Maybe you were never sensitive or allergic to the sugars in oranges in the first place?
  12. First of all. Back when I used to drink several glasses of natural orange juice a day, I broke out horribly with cystic acne on my forehead. Then when I was taking a "no added sugar" vitamin C supplement, my skin noticeably improved for one or two days, then I started breaking out. The thing about these "no added sugar", orange flavoured supplements, is that they use the natural sugar from the oranges to give them the sweetness. So eating enough of them would have the same effect as eating the
  13. I have about 4 handfuls every single day and I have been for the last year or so. In this time I've been 90% clear and also in a bad condition. There's no relation for me. However, pistachios seemed to break me out.
  14. On New Years there was some lady spraying everyone with insect repellent. She sprayed me on the arms and I told her I was allergic. Then later she sprayed me in the face and I have a horrible non-itching rash. Would eating some kind of natural anti-histamine get rid of this? It's been around for two days.