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  1. Just using reverse psychology to get you focusing on something else besides the perceived problem. Of course there is nothing wrong with your nose it's my way of saying that your skin is pretty perfect. Also the possibility that the TCA will unearth acne and gunk that's under your skin and make you look worse. So think about that.
  2. I would be more worried about your nose than your scarring
  3. Yeah it's hard nodular cystic acne. Leave it alone because the lump will go a fair distance into the skin. Best to dry it out somehow then the dried mass will fall off by itself.
  4. You have some small cleft type scars which i reckon are more like ice-pick than rolling. They just aren't that deep. Say 0.5mm. Good luck! The Doc said 20% that is totally scary. It's like saying i have no confidence in the procedure or my abilities.
  5. I use a twin gillete sensitive skin blade. seems fine. I also use Nivea Shaving gel-sensitive skin for men which is pretty good. I have never used an electric razor but my brother has been using one for 6 years and his skin looks good.
  6. Ok i reckon i deserved to get acne because before it i was: An arrrogant, stuck up cheeky SOB. Chicks used to say they liked me and were interested in me, but i would say no i am not interested or make up some other excuse if i was not attracted to them. I was asked to go to many school proms, formals or balls (Whatever you call them) and i would turn girls down. Nah i have to study or no i am working or no i have made other plans. Also i used to go along with the joke or the crowd.
  7. Yeah hey was it really worth it. Acne my [email protected]!%. Let's look at someone and scrutinize their face! and say it's an 'inspiration'. Hey i reckon she needs Accutane......what you think poster! I agree with BBQ. She has more chest hair than me though but maybe it has something to do with her race or genes. Who knows.
  8. Sounds like some sort of low grade moisturiser to me. I use Nivea shaving gel sensitive for men and that is good for shaving only but i can't see how this stuff is going to help indented scarring unless it has some sort of magical collagen inducing properties! But that is good that it works for you. Sounds like you have mild acne and the lotion gives your face a softer more subtle look because it is a moisturiser. The people who use this board have scarring not just a case of mild acne an
  9. I don't know too much about makeup and it's concealing power, But how could it cover up that first women. She has got some pretty big indentation in the middle of her cheeks. But yes i can see how they have manipulated the lighting effects. Doesn't Exoderm melt the layers of the skin peeling it right back. It is really expensive and it can take heaps to recover from. I can't see why these shots aren't real considering the serious nature of the exoderm peel. We are talking about something tha
  10. Can someone please explain to me what a rolling scar is. I might have some but how do i know?
  11. Give it some more time on da mother before it settles in. Man listen to me trivializing scars Try getting some sun on it. I found that getting sun on scars early can be helpful. Don't over rub it or over wash it. Let it breathe.
  12. Why did god punish us with this disease. Was it because Adam and Eve picked some fruit from the forbidden tree and consequently we are all punished. Why couldn't acne be a mild disease like a red rash which can be treated by a cortisone cream. Why do we have to get big lumps which can cause scarring and trauma. If god created us equal then why do some people suffer from acne and others don't. Is acne a modern disease caused by urbanization, pollution and bad diet habits and is it Gods affliction
  13. Well in my experience i squeezed and gouged a cyst once. It looked ok the next morning, but i used to put this treatment stuff on it and didn't really analyze it. But i noticed it looked a bit sunken. Anyway i used this treatment stuff for nearlly a year and maybe i was making the scar more thicker and worse due to not giving it enough oxygen. After i stopped using the treatment stuff well i thought the bugger was going but it wasn't. It just stayed there and the bastard is still there today. It
  14. Sounds like you got it easy symphony with it being only on your chin. Wait to the mothers start appearing on your cheeks. Maybe they won't, you might get lucky. When i was 18, i had it on my chin pretty bad. I used Retin A which dries the acne up and also makes your skin peel. I was desperate and this crap actually worked. I reckon there is side effects though.
  15. Use the phone book directory or go see your local dermatologist and ask him or her if they know of any places.