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  1. Week 1 Post-Accutane i) Dryness: good! best improvement. I still look a bit rough in the mornings when my face hasn't got much moisture but otherwise my skin is much more 'healthy' looking than last week. ii) Skins thickened out a little. Part of my skin looking better really. Still noticeable but pinching my cheeks they're a little. fuller iii) Dark Lines: Still have these but again less noticeable. Presumeably if my skins thickening out slowly, the veins underneath therefore darkness is les
  2. Yeah use the search function but others noticed this side effect. Didn't get it myself but nonetheless I wouldn't worry at all about it. Accutane doesn't do much for aesthetics does it
  3. Hey how are you?

    Took my last pills last night so I've escaped accutane!

    Little earlier then intended but hey. Hope you have a good holiday; I'm off trekking in Himalayas in July so not much sunbathing there :P

  4. Check out the top too I've edited my regimen for post-accutane.
  5. Week 24 FINAL WEEK So today is my final day. I was planning to go to the 30th but the derm said no real point especially as my back is aching and my skins thin. So what did I do to celebrate? I found some petrol near the family mower when they were all out today and doused the remaining pills and box in petrol on our gravel drive, made a line like with TNT in the movies, and BANG did it set fire quickly. I was pretty shocked actually. Anyway even the metal burnt and I had some water nearby so
  6. Hey Dutchess, Yeah check out the above its still fine but by fine yknow its accutane fine not normal healthy skin fine. Little sick of the dryness and its worse on my lips and thin skin round my eyes so I'm looking forward to getting off it. I'm seeing the derm this time next week i.e. Friday 19th June and I'm gona ask to continue till the 30th. The 6 month mark was the 26th but I hit the top end of the cumulative dosage of 150mg/kg on the 30th. Above that apparently it doesn't really work any
  7. Week 23 Accutane i) Dryness: no real change to be fair. Just looking pasty still. eugh ii) Lines: again similar iii) Dark eye lines: damn I really hate these dark lines they're quite unattractive but I'm a man so I'll cope they're pretty much the same iv) Hair: Yeah same still washing my hair infrequently but it never smells / dandruff so its a good call v) Sensitivity: is the same vi) Spots: good got like 2 bumps yesterday but they went away by this morning so thats cool vii) Lips: are
  8. Yeah I had that through month 4 was really annoying because I had 2 breakouts of 4 bigs spots around 4 months in and 4 months 2 weeks into the course and was like wtf because I hadn't had anything that bad before until before I started the course and my skin had been looking real good. Was a little worried but the rest of my skin looked fine. Just 2 localised big breakouts of 4 spots within 2 weeks of each other i.e. breakout, heal, breakout. And I could feel them forming too. My advice is not
  9. Its not permanent: I got it last week in the hot weather. Accutane dries out your whole body so yknow arms and all. I'd make an appointment with the GP and get him to give you either like a moisturising lotion or an eczema cream. Try fucibet as thats the strongest and works quickest but eumovate and betnovate are good too. I'd reconsider stopping; just moisturise it in the meantime and stop being a girl lol
  10. Ah yes sorry I went 10mg first week, 40 mg first month and now on 50mg for the last 4 months 3 weeks. I weigh 54 -55kg. In terms of results got breakouts until about 2 weeks ago so give it another 3 and I'll have been 5 weeks from end without any. Some like me get breakouts until quite late. Also I read that the skin thins therefore lines appear and dark lines but they dissapear when the skin plumps out again after a certain time. Some articles flying around the internet claiming it actual
  11. This is gona go through having no spots but still being in last stages of the tane, then being tane free but still having the tane in the system for the month after I stop, and then I'll keep it up for the tane free year. I'll be amused reading this 12 months from now thinking yes you got spots again no doubt, but fatalistic tendencies aside, it should be a good read (hardly Virginia Woolf but hey) and its rarer than an accutane log (although that doesn't really matter does it). Most importan
  12. Your dosage is fine 60mg is tops for 60-69kg so your on the lower band of that high dosd anyway (i.e. best to be 64 and take 60 than be 69 and take 60) and hey if needs be just take 2 more months on 60mg and you'll have 4/6 months spent on 60mg. I went 10mg for 1 week, 40 for 1 month and 50 (I weigh 54kg) for what will be 4 months and 3 weeks so there are similarities. I eat mine with peanuts after a meal as that's high in some sort of fat which helps with absorption. Try typing in absorpt
  13. BP made me look like a pepporoni (spelling?) pizza for a month so no But Tea Tree Oil worked really well. Much more mild yet just as if not more effective than BP for me.
  14. Yes of course he will. Mine said 4 then 5 and now I may give myself a safety net and push it to 6 depending on how patient I am. If its not worked yet he won't take you off it. And I can't think why but if he tries blackmail him using your feminine charms. Don't take that seriously btw. And yes I remember back in months 1 and 2 thinking each day that its probably gona have gone today and no... but thats human
  15. Mines just stopped around 4.8 months in. Some people get it until they're off the course. If after 6 months and the month afterwards its still not good, its not worked. Otherwise try not to think about how good it will look in a week, because it might not. Better to just grit your teeth and get on. And yeah its hard but once your through it, you can look at everyone else and think I'd like to see you go through what the f*** I went through. Good luck ; )