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  1. I remember the whole waiting period...not fun to say the least... Crazy to think that was over a year and a half ago! Keep your head up! Your skin is going to be clear and radiant before you know it!
  2. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your accutane course!
  3. Good luck! Don't worry--the side effects will kick in soon enough!
  4. 251 Days Post Accutane Day 97 of Atralin Right now, I'm pretty consistently having around two actives on my face at all times. Every once in a while, I'll have a day or two where my skin is actually pretty clear with just some healing spots. It seems like my breakouts are leaving those annoying red marks again like my pre-accutane days. Some days, I question whether the Atralin is doing anything or not. I guess it probably is; it's just not completely clearing me up like I would hope.
  5. Oh, I just sent you a message asking you how you were doing. I guess I should have read your latest log posts before hitting send. I'm throwing around the idea of a second round of accutane right now too. I know my derm most likely wouldn't go for it, but I can still think about it. If only we knew what made our first round not work... There's just so many questions. Will a second round provide the cure we're looking for? Or, are we just out of luck? I really, really, really hope the a
  6. My derm has put me on Atralin, a form of Retin-A, to help curb minor breakouts and help with scarring post-Accutane. I think that you might need to wait a little while after finishing accutane to start a retinoid since your skin is really fragile and sensitive after stopping accutane.
  7. Hey Katherine! I read your last couple of posts earlier, but I haven't been able to respond until now. I'm so ready for midterms to be over! Anywho... I think it's a great idea to expand the topic of your log to skin picking. It's a problem that a lot of people on this board deal with. Though I'm much better about picking, I still fall prey sometimes. For example, today, I kept running my fingers over this really annoying whitehead today until the head finally just came off. In retrosp
  8. 26 days is a ton of time for your skin to heal! Have you tried using Neosporin or Polysporin on the places where you picked? Whenever I would pick, neosporin would seem to help my skin heal faster. Let this experience be a lesson to you. I know it's way, way, way easier said than done. But, you can learn to stop picking. It took me forever to learn. I guess I always thought that my skin looked terrible so it couldn't look any more terrible if I picked. But, that's totally wrong. For s
  9. 194 Days Post Accutane Day 40 of Atralin (Tretinoin) Well, I'm feeling much, much, much better about my skin now compared to just a few weeks ago. I think I'm finally getting over the initial breakouts from Atralin. Actually, I've been saying that for weeks now. Then, the next day or so I get a new crop of tiny little pimples popping up on my forehead. So, I feel like I've made improvement because I can look in the mirror and, for the most part, confidently say "I love my skin." Sure,
  10. Sorry to hear about the new cystic breakout. I just don't understand why some people are blessed with perfect skin while others have to struggle so much. I hope you get everything figured out with Tricare. I've heard a few people talk about it before, and I hear it can be a hassle. Sorry I couldn't be of any help on that topic. Good luck!
  11. I'm very interested to find out what your derm says about this. It makes me wonder what is really causing my acne since Accutane didn't cure it. Hmm... I'm excited to hear about how your skin reacts to this natural approach. Keep us updated!
  12. Keep us updated on the laser treatments! I really hope they work for you! I'm feeling much better about my skin lately. I think I may finally be back on the road to clear skin. It seems that every time I say that I have another initial breakout to this Atralin gel. They have to stop eventually... Good luck!
  13. Congrats on the internship! That's really impressive! I'm glad to hear that things are looking up!
  14. Hey! I hope that your new breakouts do turn out to be cosmetic. I'm having new breakouts but no makeup to blame them on. Keep us updated!