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  1. he prescribed me differin and clyndamycin. some words of encouragement would really be appreciated because I'm feeling really down in the dumps right now.
  2. hey hey, I've got my dermatologist appointment tomorrow yay! And my skin is still looking quite crap, which is good because hopefully I've got a good chance of getting back on the roaccutane. And I've also done my one month on the pill tomorrow so it's all going to work out fantastically. Only problem is I've got to catch a train and then walk there so heres hoping that I don't end up lost.. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. I just cracked it with Mum over me being upset with my skin, she went on about how "as with menopause, I should try to control it with my eating and yoga"........ I don't think sitting on a mat talking about my chakras is going to get the job done. I absolutely hate comments like that, comments that infer that I have acne due to my lifestyle and therefore it is my fault, I'm a vegetarian, I go to the gym, I work. What could I possibly do to cause this? She still has this old fashion notion th
  4. so uh, my "vistor" came today, which is good because It means I can start the pill and get this one month wait on the road, this is even if I get on the Roaccutane again.. My referral still hasn't come yet
  5. Good luck possiblyHopeful!! Are you in year twelve this year? I was when I took my course and it sucks big time to have all the added stress, but things will only get better for you from here!!
  6. Thanks for you nice words possiblyHopeful!! I really hope things work out for you too, and I'll be sure to check out your log/blog. I called my dr's office yesterday and hopefully they are going to send me a referral in the mail. The only bad thing is that being of the lady variety, I spose I will have to wait one month to make sure there is no baby in my belly. So i'll be starting the pill again as soon as possible. Got a few more cysts on my cheek. totally. awesome. I will be demanding ro
  7. Ok... so Its been about half a year since I finished my course and tomorrow I am going to book an appointment with my gp to see If I can get referred back to my derm as my acne has come back. ew. Although mild, I though I had paid my due last year and I shouldn't have to spend my time worrying about this kind of stuff, nobody should. I've been trying the regimen for around three months and its doing nothing except leaving white crap everywhere and being a pain in the butt to apply... I hope the
  8. Hey, if you really want accutane you could just go to another derm. I mean, I don't know where you live, but there's tons of dermatologists in Utah. So like just go to another one and ask for accutane. Im actually from rural australia so the closest one to me is about an hour away eek :P... But thats a good idea, I think I'm going to try and book an appointment with my derm and if he doesnt help then I might have to go into the big smoke :) The only annoying thing is even though I went to
  9. Sorry, I forgot to include that I've been on the regimen for around three months now, but I'm not seeing any results, Its mostly white heads but usually with one or two cysts. What are you using for your skin now? Thanks for your help
  10. Hey hey, So I was on a course of 40mg roaccutane for six months starting mid way through last year and finishing in December. It completely cleared up my moderately severe acne. Before that I had been on the regimen, tried multiple antibiotics, the pill blah blah blah to no avail. I had fairly minor side effects, dry lips, dry skin and dry hair. However now my acne is coming back, its very mild in comparison to how it used to be, but its quite oily and the derm said that after i finished my cou
  11. hey jediv, the only advice I have is to be patient, I know how difficult it is! FOUR MONTHS POST ROACCUTANE: I am in such a bad mood, ok Im absolutely furious with my skin because I have started to break out again. On my forehead!? I wasnt even breaking out there when I started treatment 10 months ago!!!! They are tiny but many and they span my whole forehead, I also have a tiny one on my cheek and what appears to be a very small cyst. I'm so angry. Ive been crystal clear for months and month
  12. FINISHED!!! AND THEN SOME... Hey all sorry sorry sorry for neglecting this blog for such a long time but I have been backpacking through Europe for the last two months and having a great time ! Well I finished my course around early december, and so have been off the roaccutane for well over a month. I went to my derm before I'd almost finsihed and he told me that my skin was looking lovely and the once I'd finished the several pills that I had left that would be it. He also said that he didn
  13. DAY SOMETHING SOMETHING: Hey all sorry that I havent posted in a while, although I'm sure nobody even reads this anymore... but my exams are on and so I'm a little bit stressed... I'm currently on my last month of Roaccutane and can't wait for it to be finished!!!! My lips are forever killing me. But I'm so happy that it's worked and that it's been a relatively easy six months. This log is so boring now coz I never have anything new to report which is a good thing. oooh here is a gem! I've g
  14. Thanks Chaoticdreams! My piercing sounds about the same as mine, except that mines on my earlobes and I've had them for about seven years which is odd. Hope your piercing gets better!! DAY MEH: Not much new, sorry I'm so boring but it's good I spose that not much is a happening these days. Apart from I just ate a really spicy soup and now my peeled lips burrrrrrnnn. barrrr In these few pics I've got a little bit of makeup on.. The last one is my forehead
  15. DAY mid hundreds? So had another derm visit and he said that he noticed a big improvement which is nice. I got another prescriptoin so am back on 40mg a day. At the mo I've got really dry rashes on my arms and legs which isn't good coz it's summer here and I'm like a scaly snake... Red marks seem to be fading slowly, I asked the derm how long it will take for me to be completely free of red marks and he said 3 to 6 months!!!!!!!! so lonnnnng!! I've also stpped using my mineral powder founda
  16. hey thats life thanks, its good to know! DAY UMMM?: I'm almost on month 5 in 3 days!!, so you can work out what day I'm on Well, my derm appointment is on tuesday, but I don't have enough pills for then so for the last 3 days and up to tuesday I've been only taking 20mg a day trying to stetch it out. I figure that better to keep it in my system than stop taking it altogether. Soooo Thing on my finger has gone, lips are still dry and cracked, woke up with blood on them the other day. eek. I'm
  17. Hey 12pmoore glad to hear that things are working well for your daughter! DAY ???: I seem to have lost track of the of which day I'm up to but I'll work it out later. I have some new things to report: I've started using bio oil for red marks and scars, I've only been using it for the last three days but it works well as a moisturiser aswell. Lips are still bad, thats not new, but I've got i big red cirlce on each corner of my lips which looks a bit odd. Blister on my finger is healing, th
  18. I think I might have skipped a day? DAY 114: Went to the doctor today and she had no idea about my finger and she said I'm just going to have to wait it out untill I see my dermatologist again, which isn't until October!!! Then she charged me $50 for her expert advice and off I went. Pffffffft. It's so irritataing I'm stuggling to hold a pen comfortably, and I have my exams coming up! Has this happened to anyone out there??!? Also the rashes on my legs are back, joy. Sorry for the negativit
  19. Thanks Donn, hope your roaccutane course is going well for you! DAY 112: Yay double digits! And I don't have much new news to report, skin is getting better every day and tomorrow I am of to my regular doctor about my finger. Not surprisingly my lips are still bad and the rashes are back on my hands, I think I have found the cause, Dettol handwash I have noticed that when we switch brands it causes the rashes on the back of my hands. Ummm, ooh it's the school formal on Friday and I have my dre
  20. Hey Jediv thanks! I hope they go away soon too. DAY 95: Had a small blood nose the other day, I don't think it was a proper blood nose, just a dribble...? I think maybe something had cracked up there yuck yuck yuck. I got my passport photo taken yesterday and I was so happy to see that with makeup on my skin looked pretty darn good in it. tis all for now. Just a quick edit, some more pics, showing where I broke out a bit after the olive oil, they're healing though, so I'm not going to get
  21. Hey everyone thanks for the comments! So nice to hear, or read.. DAY 90: Eeee I have just finished month three, so month four here we go!! Just a few little tidbits that I have to share with you all. Use olive oil with caution, I started to used it for about three days and it made me break out a bit but they are going away now. So I'm staying clear of the olive oil and letting my redness go away in it's own time. My nose is so sore and gross I cannot even begin to describe it without making
  22. Hey Jediv, thanks for the lovely comments! Means a lot
  23. Thanks miss angie, I shall try that, do you just rub it into your skin?
  24. Hey thats life, good to hear things are getting better, what a long process this roacutane is... wish you all the best too! DAY 77: Pictures!!! The only thing in these pics are red marks wich look awful but are still better than what was before them. Can you notice a change from the earlier pics? Please let me know. Oh and my lips are pretty shocking at the mo, red, peeling, cracked. Nose is still sore and yuck Got another 2 compliments today! eeeeeee what a great feeling it is! lots
  25. Hey thanks Lennart! I take both my pills with dinner, mainly because I can't be bothered to take one a breakfast and dinner, and I figure that the fattiest meal I eat is dinner, and I have heard that taking them with a fatty meal helps your body take it in or something along those lines... How is your course going for you? Shortpinky - I'm glad someones reading my log it motivates me to keep posting in it. thanks for the lovely comments! DAY ummm 73: Rashes on legs are getting better with lo