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  1. I use a small amount of provon each shower 2-3 times per day...3 times on gym days. papaya once a day for all affected areas. provon doesn't lather a whole lot but that's probably why it doesn't dry you out like other products. it's the CHLOROXYLENOL (PCMX) that kills the bacteria.
  2. i have a 5% bp wash, do you think that'll work?
  3. I use it once a day as it can be drying due to the exfoliation of the papaya enzyme papain. I also use PROVON medicated soap after to keep acne bacteria at bay. I make sure to moisturize with non clogging lotion by Cetaphil lotion. Benz for spot treating only. I think the papaya soap alone will not clear up all the acne as you still need to control the bacteria. Just my two cents. Good Luck!
  4. Oh, I feel you girl...I have the same issues. My back looked worse over a year ago but I couldn't believe how much hyperpigmentation was left over. I was on doxycycline and retin A but the doxy did most of the clearing up. The retin A flushed a lot of acne to the surface all at one time for several weeks before it calmed down. Please see my new regimen below and consider it. I use the same products on my face too. I use benz for spot treatment only. Good luck! My Current Acne Treatment
  5. For those looking to order Provon internationally here's where I ordered from. Please be aware that these are being sold at large quantities per volume (ml). Go to imed.com to order either: Provon Medicated Lotion Soap - Anti Microbial 4oz Squeeze Btl Aloe& Vit Abce, 12 Units / 4 oz or Gojo Nxt Medicated Lotion Soap - With Chloroxylenol 1000ml, 1 ea KeithUrbanLover, Thanks for your personal input and information about this product. After reading up on your experience and succes