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  1. I also had an allergic episode while on accutane, on my first run, 15 years ago... and I believe I had eaten shrimp too. But in my case it was large hives on stomach and back. After that I'd get it after eating something with cheese. I immediately stopped accutane, and only had a couple similar episodes ever since. Accutane also worked wonders for me in terms of oil production... it'd dry me up good, clearing all my pores. But once I stopped taking it, the oil'd slowly come back, clogging every
  2. Believe it or not, I've stopped drinking milk too (and cutting down on cheese)... and apparently it's helping reduce my oilyness problem. Mind you, I've also done a few IPL sessions (intense pulsed light), am using a lotion with erythromicine 4% and salicylic acid 2% am/pm, and exfolliating at a daily basis... so I'm not sure if it was just cutting down on milk or the whole treatment I'm doing.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I have been following a similar exfolliation treatment, along with IPL and a lotion (erythromicine 4% and salicylic acid 2%). I'm happy to inform that it has helped a lot in reducing the oil and pores... now my skin is very soft and the redness has toned down a lot. Anyway, I'm looking at some pics of that shiseido brush, and I'm under the impression that it's way too light for the kind of problem I had with my pores... I needed something stronger (I'm using a mild sp
  4. Update on what I wrote about a year ago (page 2): I've undergone a few IPL (intense pulsed light) sessions, and have also been using a lotion on my face. The lotion consists of erythromicine 4% and salicylic acid 2%, and I wear it am/pm cause it doesn't show and doesn't irritate my skin. I also keep away from the sun and even use a thin layer of corrective foundation with SPF25. When I wash my face, I use a soft sponge that helps me exfolliate all the sebum that builds up every day. Surprisingly
  5. I gave this a shot a few years back (around 2004-2005). 10mg every 2 days would work wonders in a matter of 5-7 days, but after a few months, the oil would slowly start coming back (even with the reduced pore size)... so the derm whom I was seeing, told me to stop taking it. The last derm I saw (January 2010) told me that maybe I should've gotten a higher dose to tackle the oilyness more successfully. You should definitely give it a go, at least for a 6 month run... since you've already tried E
  6. I'm also applying a lotion during the night, with 4% Erythromicin, and 2% salicylic Acid... and taking a B complex (1 pill per day), and 800mg fish oil per day (2 pills 400mg ea.). IPL means Intense Pulsed Light. Check it out here: Rosacea Forum I've posted there too, with detailed info about my IPL sessions. The corrective foundation is made by Vichy, and it's called Dermablend Corrective Foundation - 25 nude (that's one of the shades, there's some more... have it tested on your skin by a cos
  7. Shouldn't you ask your derm about this? That is not normal, at least in my experience with accutane. I just had the usual side effects (dry lips, little flaking of facial skin, dry nostrils, dry joints, thinning hair)... but I didn't feel any pain in my limbs or back. I also went to the gym, but never used very heavy weights... dunno what the side effects are for a bodybuilder who lifts heavy stuff.
  8. Google "reduce pores"... there's plenty of things to try. In my experience, if you wanna do it fast, use Accutane at a low dose... ask your derm about it. In a week or so, you'll see your skin is back to normal, the way it should look. The problem is, they may get enlarged again once you're off the meds.
  9. I don't think so. According to what I found here: http://img.medscape.com/pi/emed/ckb/dermat...188-1061249.jpg and here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilated_pore It's basically one open pore, which is a lot larger than other pores around it. What jimmyoneshot describes (picture should be a lot more precise) is just the presence of white gunk in many of his pores in the T-zone area of his face. It's a bitch to clear them, you have to take a hot shower or steam your face to get them soft, the
  10. Take a mirror to the shower, and when you bathe, use hot water... examine your pores closely, see if they start to get bigger and showing white gunk. The thing with these is that the minute you step out of the shower and into cooler air, your pores start shutting, and they become sort of invisible and harder to get out. So what I do, is exfolliate in the shower, and gently pick out the bigger ones... and then after I shower, I use some home made pore strips ( ) so that way my skin has become
  11. the milk connection isnt about intolerance to lactose, the people studying it think its about the hormones found in the milk. ROFL, dude, you look just like Cardetti, an argentine soccer player... sorry, I just couldn't help noticing :
  12. Accutane, at a low dose. It may make you break out at first, but after a month or so, you'll notice your skin gets smoother, less oily, more even, acne will disappear, bumps will disappear, blackheads will go away, pores will be reduced in size (accutane attacks the sebaceous glands so they reduce oil production), and you'll finally be clear. Now, about the redness, it may not be removed... and you should consult your doctor about that. Maybe IPL is the safest bet for that.
  13. Probably not. Accutane didn't work for my rosacea, but some people are using it at low doses in the hope of getting rid of the redness. It did clear my acne and facial seborrhea (dry white gunk clogged in my pores) in a blink. You should ask your derm what to do about it... I'm trying IPL sessions, and so far it's been a good experience, a few tones down in 5 sessions (but the redness's still there, and am going for more sessions this year)... some people had it better, others felt there was no
  14. And what do you take instead of milk for breakfast or the so called "5 o' clock tea"?
  15. eterna maldición, te sugiero que me envíes por mp lo que querés decir, y yo lo traduzco, porque muchas cosas no se entienden, ni siquiera pensando qué quisiste decir en castellano. eterna maldición, I suggest you send me via pm what you wanna say, so I can then translate, cause we can't make out much of what you say, not even if I try to think what you were trying to say in spanish.