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  1. From the album: Month by Month Progress

    Lovin DK's Regi! Hands down.. this stuff works wonders!
  2. Started DKR March 2009 to Current.. here is some pictures
  3. From the album: Month by Month Progress

    This my Birthday! got a new Hair do.. but look at my face.. its totally clearing up!!
  4. From the album: Month by Month Progress

    feeling more confident in myself..
  5. I did the same exact thing hoping for this miracle pill could deminished my acne in 7 days... don't get me wrong, I was desperate!! I ordered this product 2 months ago hoping that it would help with this awful acne i have but it didn't do jack crap. Just this morning i called ACNEMD customer service to cancel automatic shipping & to stop the recurring payments from checking, and he just hung up on me!! So, i called my bank just a second after he hung up on me and they said since i provided t