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  1. I wash my face with a sulfur soap (Dr. Joesoef's 10% sulfur soap) and moisturize with African shea butter (mixed with jojoba and grapeseed oils) and these take care of the flaking and itching. No more SD symptoms. Every now and then I might get a flare up of SD (flaking and itching) and I just use something with sulfur or hydrocortisone and that takes care of it. So far, so good.
  2. Have you tried sulfur? You can get an Rx for sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5% wash or cream from your derm. I use Dr. Joesoef's 10% sulfur soap and have had great success. I also have seborrheic dermatitis and the sulfur helps with that also.
  3. Are you still using the Seabuckthorn oil? If so, how's that working for you?
  4. Hi Joellie, I think for me the rash went away when I stopped using products with SLS and SLES. Yes, I use my shea butter w/ sulfur moisturizer after using the African black soap (ABS). I e-mailed you the vendor for the ABS. You're welcome, Ceci.
  5. Hey Ceci, everytime I see your name I must think of take a sisi:)... do you know that commercial Sisi rider>>? anyway I like the name.. still got the tiny rash..but it;s almost nothing.. not all days I have got the time for the sulfur powder sheabutter mix.. Can you tell me your regimen with the african black soap.. thinking to do the same as you.. maybe getting te best results.. Hi Joellie, No, I don't know that commercial. My full name is Cecilia (Ceci for short). I don't really hav
  6. Hi Joellie, The sulfur powder I use in my shea butter mix for my face and also in my shampoo. Keeps SD symptoms away. The African Black soap I use because it is mild and natural and doesn't aggravate my SD or cause pimples/acne. The black soap is very moisturizing and cleansing for me. I like to use more than one kind of face cleanser and shampoo so that my skin/scalp does not become use to the products and thus lose its effects.
  7. Hi, I don't recall any correlations between my time of the month and SD. I use sulfur and shea butter to keep the symptoms (flakes and itching) of SD from coming.
  8. Hi, I don't recall any correlations between my time of the month and SD. I use sulfur and shea butter to keep the symptoms (flakes and itching) of SD and acne from coming.
  9. I believe my rash was gone before I started using the shea butter. My rash could have been from SLS or SLES which I avoid now. Make sure to spritz your face with water before using the shea butter. Also use a very small amount. I use smaller than a green pea sized for both face and neck. I rub it in my hands first and then pat it on face/neck. I haven't experienced any SD except when I had a cold (flu-like symptoms). I guess my immune system was low and my face reacted with SD flare ups. And no
  10. Hi Joellie, Good to speak to you again also. I'm still doing o.k. on my face and scalp. Now I have blepharitis (it's SD in my eye) which comes maybe twice a year. I've been working on that. It's been a pain in the eye. LOL I've been washing it with vinegar, tea tree oil and water and putting castor oil afterwards. It has calmed down considerably but still hasn't gone away. I also use aloe vera gel when it gets really itchy. Hopefully it calms down and goes away on its own. I've also discovere
  11. I've heard about increasing b-complex vitamins. Also heard good things about borage oil and evening primrose oil. I tried the coconut oil on my face but it aggravated my SD. Also aloe vera gel (the edible kind) is great to put on topically. I also use a sulfur soap or pure African black soap and moisturize with unrefined shea butter. So far so good.
  12. The sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5% is a prescription you can get from your dermatologist. You should also be able to find sulfur products (soaps, mask, maybe lotion) over the counter. But you can definitely find them online. I use a sulfur soap called Dr. Joesoef's 10% sulfur soap (you can google it) that's sold online. There are also other sulfur soaps like Grandpa's Thylox which is 3% sulfur. Coral Kavi is a 10% soap sold online. Adult Acnomel is a 10% sulfur lotion. Queen Helene mint
  13. Have you tried sulfur? Sulfur has worked wonders for me and it's inexpensive. A lot have found relief from ketaconazole or pyrithione zinc. I would stay away from the hydrogen peroxide. It ruins the skin (I forget exactly how). Also, avoid SLS and SLES as they can aggravate SD.
  14. What are the adverse affects of borage oil?
  15. Way too drying. Sounds like potentially more skin problems.