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  1. hmm thats weird.. was therea big cyst that used to be there? did you squeeze around that area? i would try retin a micro just a lil bit fora while.. honestly if there was no arrow i wouldnt have noticed anything disfiguring.
  2. have yall ever had an appointment to the dermatologist and said to yourself why the hell am i goin here nothing is gonna change?
  3. thaks a lotttt! yeah its healing . i didnt put neo sporin i just did the acne.org regimen and its like reddish now so yeah thanks again
  4. and i started squeezin my face and i think i got an SMALL SMALL ice pick scar.. i got upset .. couldnt evne think if the scar happened or was there or if the squeezin made the scar more visisble but either way its depressing. so i had a blackhead htat wouldnt come out squeezed and then i told my self to just STOP cuz i know what squeezing leads to.. so that area was kinda swollen.. i shaved .. and i noticed i have some like shavin bumps.. and i have bene off of acne.org for two days.. my skin wa
  5. so i have a lot of clogged pores on my cehecks not really but it fels that way.. and i have a scarred pore and i use acne.org regimen and i think it sdoing job of preventing acne but idk what i should do now.. is it good to squeeze your skin genetly sometimes to get rid of the white oozie stuff that builds up in your pores cuz thats how my skin is.. should i visit the deramtologist and tell her retin a i sjust doin " okay" and i need soemthing else.. please help thanks also should i purchas
  6. thank you, more responses people please bump
  7. yeah i think it helps because of the blood flow and because when you sweat your removing impuruties from your face.
  8. hey guys so i have a hole or enlarged pore on my right cheeck because i squeezed out a blackhead white plug thingy a month ago.. and i had a hole that didnt shrink so today i was convinced something wasnt write so i gently squeezed the " hole" again and out came a white plug that was fairly big.. not as like GINORMOUS. but you guys know whati mean when i say big. and the hole felt like a lil relieved cuz i think that since i had a plug in there ( another one i guess) that i didnt know about it