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  1. funactor


    Hey, I think I will try that tonight Then hide my face until morning! I have to go to a fun Saturday for the end of the choir dinner. funactor
  2. funactor

    Another Groovy Accutane Log :)

    Hello, I was just reading your story and relate. I was put on the tane after I went to dermo since I was fourteen. I am now 16 almost 17 in 2weeks. I have tried everything under the sun to get these zits off my face. I can't hide them any more. Started the process 2 months ago. At first it was 60 mgs then I got these huge cysts and the doc took me down too 40mgs. I go on Monday to see how I am doing. School ends on the 18th and so I get a break from faking my way through the halls What do you
  3. Aww, cute picture!