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  1. I smoked every day during my 7 month course and was completely fine the entire time. I also drank 2-3 times a week and saw no additional side effects. Spark that blunt and eat some good food!
  2. All you need: Cetaphil Face Wash, Dove Bar Soap (For sensitive Skin), and CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. Your skin will be smoother than a baby's bottom in no time.
  3. Your acne doesn't even look that bad! It will get better trust me, and you will see amazing results. Just stick it out because when it's over you're going to be overwhelmed with confidence. And 1 out of 8 gets worse before better? That's seems crazy because I thought this happened to MOST people, because it brings everything out, no? I went through the same thing.
  4. The confidence of having perfect skin is worth well over 4 grand
  5. I'm 6'4 180lbs and my derm has kept me consistently on 80 mg/day for 7 months. I'm now 13 days away from the end of my treatment and 100% clear!
  6. Just a quick update if anyone reads this: I am not posting pics anymore, maybe at the final end of my course. But I'm half way into month 5 and I am almost completely clear! Only a month or two left and I should be good for hopefully a while.
  7. They contain the SAME active ingredient. I've been taking Amnesteem 80mg/day for over 5 months now and my skin is almost 100% clear from acne. Not saying you won't achieve those results with Claravis, however I know from personal experience that Amnesteem works perfectly. All isotretinoin-related products just take time, that's all there is to it.
  8. I am almost 5 months into my course of 80mg/day and this is what i'm getting: - can't get my eyebrows waxed because they peel off skin (know this from personal experience) - my lips hurt all the time, and i use aquaphor religiously (not to mention the cracks on the side of my lips, thats really fun to wake up to in the morning) - my derm already said I am going to have to stay on accutane for AT LEAST another month after 6 months because im not getting the results as quick as others do - i can'
  9. I would honestly wait a good month to be safe. I stupidly decided to get mine waxed 4 1/2 months into my 80mg/day course and they ripped off skin and irritated it horribly. SOOO NOT WORTH IT!! Just wait a few weeks at least I would say
  10. Give it some time to get in your system... I've been on it about 3 1/2 months now and all I can say is, trust me they will come. Dry lips started at about 2 weeks and I havent really had any other side effects besides dry skin (obviously). 30mg is a fairly low dose too so you shouldnt have too much to worry about
  11. So I was randomly using Google to research isotretinoin and on wikipedia it says the following under pharmacodynamics: "Isotretinoin's exact mechanism of action is unknown. However it is known that, like other retinoids, the drug alters DNA transcription." What exactly does "alters DNA transcription" mean?
  12. Whoever told you that the generics aren't effective... they are idiotic. 1. Doesn't matter, every single generic AS WELL AS Accutane contain the SAME EXACT ingredient, isotretinoin. There is no difference between any of these drugs 2. 5 months 3. not bad, only dry lips 4. once a month for blood tests and derm visits 5. prescription costs $10 for a month's supply of 80mg/day
  13. How long have you been on it so far? I noticed the first few weeks I had headaches, but after that they subsided completely
  14. I get my prescription from walgreens... only $10 for a 30-day supply of two 40mg pills daily
  15. I am almost about to start my 4th month and my face has been the only part of my body that has cleared up completely. My derm said the spots left on my body will clear up a lot after the treatment is over. And I thought I would have a ton of scars! I am also doing a 5-month treatment as well.. Accutane is measured not by how many months you take it, but your body weight and dosage. You take up to a cumulative dosage whether it be 5 months or a year. I don't think that having 2 week breaks in yo
  16. I had a pretty bad initial break out.. but it only lasted a couple weeks. I'm just finishing up month 3 now and the skin on my face looks amazing! No more pimples or oil, just a few remaining red marks that should fade away after the treatment (according to my derm). I am also taking 80mg for 5 months (the first month being 40mg of course). I honestly wouldn't worry about the initial break out. A lot of people on this site make it seem like the end of the world, but when it happened to me it ac
  17. My derm told me not to use any BP while on accutane because it can end up irritating the skin more. you don't need anything on top of accutane, just let it work itself out. time is all it takes.
  18. great advice. just actually had a meeting with my derm today and she said most of the red marks would be 100% gone a few months after the treatment. nothing to worry about, just wait it out! another great moisturizer that i've had amazing results with has been Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream 2x daily. Good Luck!
  19. 6-month regimen, 80mg/day