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  1. my family members agreed that nothing else worked and that it was time to try oratane (a trade name of accutane), my brother was on oratane when he was 15 so he's already gone through it and came out acne free. I agreed that oratane would probably be the end of the line treatment for my acne. I've been on it for 5 weeks now, it's going good, it's already had a great effect on my skin (although there are a few minor side-effects). It's working so far. I wish you luck in your treatment.
  2. I was over my initital flare up at about the 2nd week. I'm on week 5 at the moment. I have back aches and muscle aches but mainly just towards the end of the day. It's annoying when you want to exercise but I can live with it if my ache goes away.
  3. I've been using accutane for 1 month and today I just came back from a 3 days camping trip to the beach. I am slightly burnt but not much at all, Just apply sunscreen every now and then. Also contrary to popular belief you still can get a tan when your wearing sunscreen. So just put the sunscreen on. Use only a non-oily base sunscreen though. I'm a bit browner than I was and my acne is fine, just don't get burnt to a crip and I think you'll be right.
  4. ^my entire skin was basically bubbly, heaps of small little bumps everywhere and some larger pimples. Oratane has gotten rid of the bubbly skin now though and some of the larger pimples. heh thanks
  5. i'd appreciate any comments you have
  6. kinda, If your talking about accutane I'm 16 and I'm on 20mgs a day, I weight 55kgs though. I'm not sure what that is in pounds. Your dermatologist should ask you for your weight, he did for me.
  7. I had some back acne but after one month of taking oratane for my face acne my back acne has almost gone.
  8. I've been taking Oratane for just over 1 month now. I'm pretty sure Oratane is an australian version of accutane, can anyone confirm? I sumbled upon these forums and saw a lot of depressed people talking about oratane and all these disaster stories. I personally don't want to read any disaster story ever since about a week into my treatment I was told about a person who supposedly got brain damage from oratane. Nice huh? That kinda freaked me out a bit but now I'm not even sure if it was true.