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  1. Rob, you're making me want to get this stuff now. I passed it off as a "meh" thing when you replied to my stretch mark thread, and now I found my way here and saw your progress pictures - hot damn! I'm excited, it seems Retin-A works wonders. How do you get yours? I don't have insurance right now, so I don't think going to a dermatologist for an rx is going to work.
  2. It's the same thing really, I just prefer derma stamp. Much easier to use, the needles are going straight in and out, with dermaroller it goes in at an angle. I had many boxcar scars also on the left side of my cheek, most of them are either gone or extremely faint. Use a 1.5mm stamp on your cheek, 1.0mm on your temple since the skin is thinner there. Do you know if Derma Roll + Retin-a will help reduce or even get rid of shallow boxcar scars like mine? Here are the photos http://www.acne.or
  3. I actually have acne scars as well as stretch marks, so the issue is multifaceted. I just prefaced it with a discussion on forehead lines and skin creases since the skin seems to be wearing quickly there for my, but maybe it's just in my head (or on it, har har). Anyway, thanks for the reply. So I'll try AHA or if that doesn't seem to work, some Retin-A... but isn't that rx only?
  4. Where did the OP get her sources for "common skin irritants" and things to avoid? I'm not doubting the validity of her claims, but having references would mean everything was legitimate. Otherwise it's just passed on by word of mouth and useless anecdote.
  5. My issue may not be a typical one, I'm not sure. I'm a 26 year old male, so this may seem odd to be posting (due to my age, not gender), but you know how genetically some people are prone to having forehead creases on their skin simply because when they express themselves and raise/furrow/shift their brows, the skin bunches up? Well I've noticed that as I've gotten older the skin there shows the slight lines. I know my grandfather had this. Other people (my fiancé) have nothing - smaller for
  6. Why did you start using the Nizoral? Awhile ago, I had a rx Nizoral shampoo that was used to treat a fungus I had - basically light red circles/marks on my torso. It was higher than the concentrations of Nizoral you can typically buy, but I do recall it seeming to clear up skin a bit. I had heard good things about it. You just piqued my interest again though. Time for research!
  7. Same, anyone have advice here? I've heard Queen Helen's Mint mask (the green tube) from Amazon is good? What about straight 2% BHA Gel from Paula's Choice?
  8. I have a similar issue, I'm going to take pictures tonight and post them up. I have the redness/small bumps (but not actual acne) on my cheeks. I also have blackheads/clogged pores on my nose. So far The Regimen doesn't seem to work to get rid of this stuff. I'm assuming there is something else at play.
  9. Hello and welcome to the acne.org community! The means in which you use AHA is fine, so long as you are properly moisturized. Yes, the combination of BP and AHA will help to reduce clogged pores significantly. If you are doing the regimen, please refrain from adding additional products outside of those suggested on the regimen, as it may cause irritation. Hope this helps and keep us up to date on your progress... I didn't ask to add additional products - I asked if I could substitute in BHA r
  10. I used the AHA from Acne.org on my face - is this okay? I do it after the BP, and don't bother with moisturizer. I'm in NY right now, it's winter time. My skin STILL doesn't get dry. I have really oily skin, especially the clogged pores on my nose. Will the AHA help this? Would I be better off switching to BHA/salycylic acid instead? I have heard that might be better for using on the face after Benzoyl Peroxide. Please advise? Merci.
  11. What exactly IS the difference in purpose of AHA and BHA? From what I understand, BHA would be better to use to clear the skin, exfoliate, unclog pores, and can be used in the morning with BP. AHA on the other hand should be used by itself at night, and it more for smoothing out skin and giving it more of a gleam/shine, while evening out things. Basically, the icing on the cake. Is this accurate, Ripon?
  12. I would see a medical professional right away - aliens could have laid eggs under your skin.
  13. Alright, so I've been using the Cleanser, Treatment and AHA (never really need the moisturizer, though I have it) for 6 months now. My acne wasn't that bad to begin with, but I did have it on my shoulders, upper and mid-back, as well as temples and jawline, which I believe also came from shaving improperly. Things have vastly improved, and I've gotten many compliments on my skin from people, though I didn't even really notice or believe my composition to be that great. Being a perfectionist
  14. Oh wow, I completely forgot that I was doing the light regimen, and not the moderate/severe one! Thank you, Brandy.
  15. Nice, thanks for the quick reply! Um, how should I do it? Just stop using the AHA+ for now, and switch to BP? Or maybe should I use one in the morning, one in the evening?
  16. Alright, so for the past two months or so I've been doing the regimen almost exactly as described. I don't always wash my face at night, but despite this, any acne (I've had very little to begin with) has ceased - my skin looks and feels especially great. I also get much closer and cleaner shaves with the jojoba oil + moisturizer as my shaving lather of choice. Anyway, I use a very soft loofah on a handle to reach the middle of my back and apply the cleanser in the shower, and do my upper back,
  17. I was just curious why AHA is the acid of choice for the regimen. I know that BHA is a popular choice in many skin car products, so I was just wondering. Does the research support this (not anecdotal, but clinical)?
  18. What did you end up doing for bacne? Any other medication?
  19. Has anyone ever used minocycline for the issue of back acne, and found it to work? This weekend I'm about to embark on a regimen of minocin, 100 mg 1-2x a day, and I hope it clears it up.